Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Princess and Her Army Hero

I really love Halloween, which is nice since working at UT provides me with many, many amazing Halloween-themed events.  Let the fun begin!

UT Athletics hosts this event for UT staff families in the indoor football practice field, and each UT sports team puts together a fun kid-friendly game: soccer, basketball, football, badminton, track and field, etc.  This was our first event, and Jeremy loved it!  Violet refused to play any of the games, and she is terrified of Smokey, but she did cheer happily for her "Army Man Hero".
love them

Pumpkin Smokey!

Love seeing old friends!

basketball with the Lady Vols

hanging out on the checkerboard cheering for Jeremy

football toss

obstacle course with Track and Field team

Trunk or Treat!
This is our annual Housing event, and once again the kids had a blast and got TONS of candy.  We hooked up with William and Annie (adorable).  I have to give a shout out to our amazing UT students. They volunteered their time to decorate trunks, dress up in crazy outfits, and give out candy.  So precious.  And, we got to visit Ms. Elizabeth at work and see the UT radio station while on air and take photos on the roof.  Fun!
Our official portrait from Mr. Jerry - sad Vi did not smile
LOVE Circle Park in the fall


Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella

Army Man and Scary dude

monster trunk

Wizard of Oz trunk!

We snuck out on the roof of the Communications Building to get a photo of the kids in front of Neyland Stadium :)

Ghost Tours!
This is an annual program put on by the RAs in my halls.  I started this 3 years ago, and I am so happy to see the RAs still improving it each year.  They take students on tours of campus at night and tell all the UT ghost stories that have become legend over the years.  I was actually sick this year and had to miss it, but my amazing staff sent me text updates and pictures throughout the whole event.  I love them.
Look at these cute college kids raising money for the Love Kitchen!

For actual Halloween, we went trick or treating with William and Annie in their neighborhood.  Tanner (baseball team friend!) joined us this year, and the kids had a great time.  It was raining, so we headed home with the girls early, but the boys stayed strong.  SO MUCH CANDY.  I am the worst and did not even take any decent pictures of the boys all night.  Mom fail.  After the trick or treating, Jeremy and Brian ran out to get to a party Jeremy was invited to at the house of a girl in his class.  They both came back with really fun stories but no pictures.
pumpkin guts!

Horrid photo of Vi and Annie trick or treating

wet and cold, but CANDY!

We were also going to hit up the Baseball team's game (they play a scrimmage all wearing full Halloween costumes), but I was sick so our Week O Fun turned into only 4 instead of 5 days.  Still amazing.

The kids loved their costumes, loved all of the events, and loved the candy.  Halloween for the win!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Beach Trip, Part 3: Murder is afoot!!

Nerdy family is nerdy.

We do love our murder mysteries in the Carr family.  Beach or no beach, we are all together, so a murder must take place.  My mom planned this just as much, if not more, than the actual trip itself.  So fun.

This was the first time we tried out a totally unscripted version of a murder.  We were each given characters and a theme, but no script to follow.  It was fun being able to go anywhere with our roles, and since our family leans (heavily) towards the dramatic, it was a lot of fun.

Oh, my camera (ie: out of date phone), was really bad this night, so please imagine everyone is not blurry and sparkly-eyed.  Oh wait...alcohol.  Hmm.
Decorations.  Yes, we packed them with us.

The story was a big party at a Casino, with owner Ronald Trump (my dad):

Chief of security, Security Sam (mom):

Showgirl Lucy Legs (Dani):

Cocktail waitress Mimi Martini (Cheri):

Sports book manager Cole Conway (Jeannie):
I had an app for that - sports book betting!

Lounge Singer Paul Piano (Brian):

Gambler Ace High (Joey):

Gambler Hustling Hailey (Meg):

Elvis Impersonator (Alex):

Bartender Jim Beam (Jeremy):

This was Jeremy's first time being an actual character in one of our mysteries, so he was super excited.  he did a great job calling everyone by their character names, and he read his little bio and notes very carefully.  He got a little freaked out when he was accused of the murder, but he did a great job!

Turns out Joey was murdered (he added the pants down effect on his own, shocker):

This looks like she is screaming, but she is laughing.  The room went pitch dark and her uncle was murdered and she was in stitches.  I have trained her well.

Once he was killed, Joey got to play the FBI agent investigating the crime.  He was hilarious.

And the murder was none other than his wife!!

fascinated by the handcuffs

Dani and Brian won awards for figuring out the killer. Alex won best costume, Joey won best acting, and I won most money (we were each given money to play with and since I was a bookie, I made people place bets on upcoming games and got tons of cash!).  And yes, we packed pre-made official certificates for the winner.  We do nothing by halves.

Alex could not wait to get out of that Elvis get-up, but he did so good - even did a few songs for us
Oh, and all of this insanity is going on, and this kid is in blissfully in her own little world. Eh, my parents are being weird again, what else is new?

We are huge nerds, but we had a blast!!  And drank a lot, so possibly that is why it was so fun.  Dang that bartender.

The end of our trip also happened to be mom's birthday, so we had a little party in her honor on our last night.  Cheri made homemade coconut cream pie, and we each gave her a little gift.
my mommy
vi loves birthdays
kids and mom

I sometimes forget how much Joey and I look alike

the whole fam damily
I love my family, and am so happy we have these great memories to keep with us for years to come!!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Beach Trip, Part Two

So, I have a picture taking problem.  An addiction, really.  This represents about 1/100th of the pictures I actually have in my possession.

Here we go...

The Beach
We just loved it.  There were not that many other people and it was just so calm and nice.  We spent several hours out there on most days.
Family - with Megan and Joey trying out their paddle board in the background :)


love love
a boy and his Pop

Alex and Dani

me and my mommy - best lady ever!

sand castles and Frozen dolls

boogie board

Uncle Joey being patient with Jeremy

Vi's turn to be buried in the sand!

our little set-up and our weird family

playing with Nona
piled on the golf cart

we brought multiple swimsuits for her, but only her princess one would make her happy 
Cheri!  Totally wrapped in a towel and under an umbrella - but proof she was there!

I just love Vi in her little chair - and look, I am doing something awkward

me and Mom

Meg teaching how to make drip castles


loving it

serious ocean lover

Alex was great with the monsters - I think he will be a great dad!
Pier Park
Nona and Pop took us out to Pier Park for some shopping and fun.  We hit up the little amusement park thing where I RODE A ROLLER COASTER.  So, really, I hopped on a baby roller coaster with Violet and lasted two revolutions before they had to stop the ride and pull us both off, but ride it I did. And we had lunch at Dave and Buster's so the kids could act like kids.  So much fun!
Vi and Nona after our trip to the Candy store


the boys on the roller coaster

and the girls - look at my poor baby (and let's be honest, I was about to throw up as well)

going down a huge slide thing - Bri with Vi and me with Jer

Daddy won!

racing at Dave and Buster's

so many tickets
It rained one of the days we were there, so we hit up the bowling alley.  Violet liked it for about 3 minutes and Jeremy almost put a dent in the floor from dropping his ball instead of rolling it, but it was fun!
Aunt Cheri throwing some strikes (thank you, bumpers!) with the kids (and Pumpette!!)

me and Vi - her ball literally stopped in the lane - we had to get them to come push it

getting balls and dancing

what even - I love them

I have no idea
Dee's Hang Out
We ate most of our meals in the house (each family unit was responsible for cooking one night), but we did go out as a group once.  We hit up Dee's Hang Out, which is really just a dive, but the food was amazing!  Kudos to Cheri for doing the research and finding a place that was actually good rather than just flashy.  We had awesome she-crab soup, jambalaya, etouffee, fish tacos, etc

There's more to come!  You know there was a Carr Family Murder Mystery...get excited!