Sunday, October 25, 2009

Race for the Cure

Those of you who know me well are fully aware that I usually stay as far away from things with the word "race" or "run" in the title as possible. My high school track coach told me that God did not put me on this earth to run. Ouch - but I appreciate the honesty. So, why did I attend my 11th Race for the Cure this past Saturday (I even did one 7 months pregnant)? First of all, I didn't even pretend to run and brought Jeremy along as my ostensible excuse for not exercising. But most importantly, I just love this experience.

One snapshot:
As we reached the sign that said we had made it 2 miles into our 3.2 mile run/walk, I noticed that people were sidestepping and going around the middle of the road, as if to avoid walking over something. When we got close enough, I realized it was a little old couple, an lady with a walker and her husband holding her arm. They were probably moving at about 2 mph. What makes this special is that they were smiling up a storm and cheering on the other runn..who am I kidding...walkers as they passed by. People wear pink bibs on their backs to represent if they are running in honor of someone. You can run in memory of someone who has passed or in celebration of a survivor. All of the survivors wear pink shirts. The little old couple had pink bibs on their backs with name and dates of a woman who died when she was 26. Underneath the bibs they had made their own little papers that had pictures of her and said "You ARE the best daughter!" Based on the date, she has been gone about 20 years, and I have no doubt they "run" this race every year for her. And they didn't seem sad or upset, just happy to be there, taking their sweet time as they walked through downtown Knoxville.

Such a lovely event. It is not about death or loss so much as hope and celebration. It makes me smile. I tend to avoid dealing with sad or depressing information, opting to pretend it does not exist, so I enjoy taking part in something so positive.

Plus, they give you free bananas and yogurt. There is nothing Jeremy and I love more than free bananas and yogurt. Yum.

Me, Jeremy, Katie, Matt, Morgan, and Kate. Katie was nice enough to walk with Jeremy and I while the other three actually ran. What is wrong with them?
Jeremy and Mr. Moo at the end of the race, after 2 bananas and a yogurt parfait.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nona, Memphis, High School, and More!

We have had a whirlwind couple of weeks! My mom came to visit for a few days, then we headed to Memphis for my 10 year High School Reunion. Nona was a joy to have and she bought Bud a new Elmo, a choo choo train, animal toys, and a Diego go cart thing that makes really loud sounds and moves a lot. When I got home from work Monday, I was saddened when for the first time EVER he did not come running to meet me at the door. Instead, he was immersed in pressing all of the buttons on his Deigo car. I guess I know where I rank now.

While she was here, mom (Nona) got to babysit, sleep on a couch, and change diapers. She also got to help me bind 50 'Where Are They Now' books for my IC (Immaculate Conception HS) reunion. Exciting - why doesn't she visit more often, I wonder?!
Memphis was fun, but I was so busy with the reunion I saw no family at all practically. Cheri was in Austin, Joey and Megan were in New Orleans, and I only saw Dani and my dad in between reunion activities. Kinda sad. The reunion was nice, but it is kinda weird to see how much people have not really changed at all. IC itself has changed a lot (not for the better), but I guess that is the way it goes. Everyone liked the books (though predictably, some people had to point out the 2 typos in the whole thing - thanks), and the reunion itself was a big hit.

While in town, we also went to a baby shower for Melissa and her soon-to-be baby boy, Anderson. It was fun and Melissa is beyond adorable, but I have to say I spent most of the time having an anxiety attack that Jeremy would break one of the thousands of nick nacks sitting around the little tea room. Luckily, my little bull in an antique store followed directions better than usual and disaster was averted.

More than anything else right now, I am happy to be home and back to my normal routine. I felt so guilty putting Jeremy in that car seat so much, and I missed my bed and our regular lives. So, here we are! This weekend Jeremy and I are doing the Race for the Cure and then we are decorating the house for Halloween!!

Jeremy with Nona.
Jeremy with Mommy.
A picture Grandaddy took of Jeremy. I thought it was fitting as he was stuck in a car. The gals at the second night of our reunion. Notice the framed Pop-Over (part of our old uniform). I framed that and it was given away as a trivia prize. They LOVED it. That pretty much sums up our IC experience for you - lots of love!)
Those of us who went to Holy Rosary and IC together!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


So, it took me almost our entire vacation to learn that all the signs and bumper stickers that said "OBX" meant "Outer Banks". I am beyond intelligent.

We returned from our visit to Nag's Head, North Carolina in one piece on Sunday afternoon. It was quite fun and we thank Nana and Grandaddy SO MUCH for giving us this opportunity. As it was a 9 hour drive to get there, we decided to leave at 7:30pm and drive all night, in the hope that Jeremy would sleep most of the way there. Of the 9 hours, he slept the last 4. But, he was an absolute angel the first 5 - whoda thought? And daddy was amazing driving the entire way in the middle of the night. **love**

Here's Bud in the car in his jammies at around midnight. The trip begins...
Here is our view from the porch of our condo. So beautiful. I loved just sitting on the porch watching the ocean and the birds.

This is Jeremy on the beach. Isn't he cute?
This is how Jeremy really felt about the beach. He did not like sand or water. Possibly this is because the first day we put him in the water, he fell over, and got a diaper full of sand. Yuck.
Daddy trying to fly a kite shaped like the Millennium Falcon. Umm, not so much.
The lighthouse in Cape Hatteras. And our best attempt at a family portrait. Turned out pretty good, dontcha think?
Jeremy and a pirate. Apparently, Blackbeard hid his treasure in the Outer Banks. Alas, we did not find it.
Jeremy as a pirate.
Me and Bud at the Elizabethan Gardens on Roanoke Island. Very pretty.
Jeremy did manage to make a friend on this trip, Mr. Punkin Head. He loved this thing.
Full circle: Jeremy on the ride home. This was not so smooth, we had to listen to the Dora/Diego CD three times. I do not recommend this course of action if you are a fan of your eardrums.
But, we made it home in tact and still a happy family. It was a lovely, relaxing vacation. We are glad to be home but have found a new favorite vacation spot!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Big Boy Bud

We leave for vacation today, but I wanted to do a little bragging about my boy before we go. He is growing by leaps and bounds, and we are struggling to keep up. He still cannot (or will not) talk, but he is clearly an intelligent and tough little boy.

First of all, he can put together his entire ABC puzzle with no help. Well, he puts the 'E' in upside down and has trouble getting the 'Q' into the slot, but other than that, he is good to go. I find this impressive, but I don't really know any other kids. Ignorance is bliss, and my child is a genius. He will probably graduate high school at age 12 and be a doctor by age 15. Then, he will get a sitcom and host the Emmy's.

Secondly, he is very tough. Jeremy was at the park one day and a mean little kid about 5 years old was pushing around a little girl. Jeremy ran over, threw Mr. Moo in the mean kid's face, and fought for the little girl's honor. The 5 year-old got in one good punch, but that was all. Jeremy reduced him to tears and won a congratulatory kiss from the little girl with the golden ringlets. He is such a hero! Here is his black eye from the ordeal:

Okay, so perhaps I made that up and really he slipped on the steps at the playground while trying to climb to the slide. Still, a tough kid regardless. Right? See, he still smiles even though he was beaten up by a set of inanimate stairs:

And, he can bake brownies. He is very smart. He knows to lick the mixer AND the bowl:

Aunt Ellie and Galen came to visit with the boys and we got this pic of Bud with his aunt:

Aren't they cute? Yes, I know this is more proof that people do visit us. I am properly humbled. Anyhoo, we leave this evening for our 9 hour drive to the Outer Banks. Wish us luck and stay tuned for fun pictures of Jeremy's first time at the beach!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy October!

UPDATE: Sorry I said no one comes to visit us. I simply meant that we wish we could see family and friends more often, it was not a crack on anyone's efforts to come see us. Thanks!

Yay! October is finally here! As my favorite of the twelve months, October 1st is a highly anticipated day in my life. October represents so many great things to me: the changing seasons, cooler weather, leaves turning colors, pulling cuddly scarves out of the closet, hot chocolate, the smell of pumpkin, the World Series (even though my Braves didn't pull out the wild card), and Halloween! So much fun piled into one great month. What more can a gal ask for?

This year, October also marks a very exciting time for our family. Work is always slow this month since the students are in midterms and then on fall break, so I get to spend more time with the boys. We also have our vacation next week to the Outer Banks (thanks Granddaddy, Nana, Howard, and Phyllis!). Then, right when we get back, my mom is coming to visit us for a few days (no one ever visits us, this is highly exciting). We will then travel to Memphis for my high school reunion. Fun stuff! But wait, there's more. I am doing Race for the Cure with the residents and staff in Volunteer Hall. Then, the Halloween festivities begin. Our Housing student organization (URHC) is doing a huge Trunk or Treat program which Jeremy will love, Reese Hall does a wonderful Haunted House for charity, and Knoxville has tons of haunted corn mazes to choose from. One of my old RAs is getting married on Halloween night and that has all the markings of a night to remember.

Basically, I have a jam-packed month and I can't wait! We will relax on the beach, the Cardinals will win the World Series, I will wear cute coats and scarves every day, hot chocolate from Starbucks will be required before work, Jeremy will dress like Elmo, my mommy will have a great birthday and visit, and Jim and Pam will get married on The Office. Seriously, how can you not love this month?!

I do have one dilemma, though. Why do we keep getting little kid Halloween costume catalogs in the mail where the 8 year old girls are dressed like slutty cheerleaders, slutty animals, slutty princesses, slutty witches...? It makes me sad. Luckily, Jeremy is a fully clothed boy. I still can't decide what to be for Halloween, as I have clearly outgrown my slutty mom costume. I need something simple (since I will be carrying, pulling, and chasing Jeremy) and free (since I am so busy this month, I have already blown our budget before it even began - oops!). Any suggestions??