Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Violet: 3 Months Old

I have a smorgasbord of fun photos of my girl for her 3 month post. She is beyond smiley right now, which makes this super fun.

So, at three months old, Violet is a happy girl. She literally smiles all the time, and always when someone smiles at her. She is talking quite a bit, and when I say "hi" I swear she says "hi" back. Brian heard it too, so I am not making it up, and it has happened several times. She likes to have conversations that last several minutes where she will make sounds back and forth with people. She is sleeping pretty well through the night and taking about 2 2-hour naps a day, plus a few cat naps here and there. She still eats every 3 hours when she is awake, and I am proud to say I am still nursing a full month after returning to work. I was very worried I would not be able to handle it, but yay for having a private office and an understanding boss. She takes the bottle very well, and has adjusted wonderfully to school, where she is five days a week 9 hours a day. She is still obsessed with Jeremy and has started grabbing at toys and reaching for rattles, etc. She tries to eat her fists at least a hundred times a day and is extremely damp all the time from slobber or spit up. Overall, she is a good baby and we have decided to keep her.

I love putting her in "big" places, like Jeremy's big boy bed. He saw this and thought it meant he could sleep in her crib. Oops.This cracks me up because Brian was attempting to introduce her to punk rock, listening to the Ramones and telling her about the history of the genre. Meanwhile, she is in a fru-fru pink and tulle outfit and completely fell asleep while he was talking and the music was blaring.My kids on a Saturday morning watching cartoons together.I think she looks like a mouse.And finally, here are my two official three month old shots. I cannot decide which one I like better, and I can only choose one for the frame and the project I am making for her birthday. So, you decide! I think I am leaning toward the first one, but that smile in the second is killer. Let me know what you think!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Pool! The Pool!

We have lived in the same apartment complex for over 3 years now. Jeremy has been TERRIFIED of the pool pretty much that entire time. Our first summer here, when he was 6 months old, was the only time I could get him in the pool at all, and he was a baby so it didn't really count.

Then, last weekend, we went on a walk to calm down the baby girl (we do this a lot since she screams bloody murder every evening from about 7pm to 8pm). Jeremy led the walk and directed us toward the pool. He asked to go inside the gate (something he NEVER does). Then he asked to put his feet in the water (a virtual nightmare in previous pool visits). Then, he looked at me and said, "Mommy, I can swim like a fish!" Well, ok. I let him get in the baby pool in his clothes because, how could I not?

We have now been to the pool 5 times in one week and Jeremy will jump from the edge of the pool into the 5 foot water without hesitating. Kinda scary since he obviously cannot swim still, but what the heck?! This kid is an overnight decision-maker. 3.5 years of hating the pool, and BAM overnight, he is a swimmer. 3.5 years of diapers and potty tantrums and BAM overnight he is potty trained (seriously, he has had NO accidents since he decided diapers were passe, even at night). He is an odd child, but I'll take it.
Here are some fun shots of us at the pool.Jeremy and Daddy:Jeremy and Mommy (yes, I support my child so much that I have worn a bathing suit in public 3 months after a second c-section - it is beyond attractive):Violet in her bathing suit from Aunt Judy:Violet in her sunglasses from Amy:My inept attempts at keeping a hat on an infant:So, we are now a pool family. Our average pool time is 7pm on a weeknight or 9:30am on a weekend, so it is usually pretty perfect and just us! I only wish Jeremy had made this overnight decision a bit sooner so that we would have longer to enjoy the fun!

Monday, August 22, 2011


Is there anything better than having a sibling? You love them, you hate them, you bite off a chunk of their ear fighting over a Barbie tutu. It's what life is about. I love my little man, but I always knew I wanted a little brother or sister for him. He has taken to this new role amazingly well, and I am so proud of him. The photo above is from their first day of school last week (one of many future first school day shots). He loves dropping her off in her classroom before he goes to preschool. I always pick him up first so that he can then get Violet himself. It is quite cute. He told me the other day that he looked out for her on the playground. Meaning he spared her a glance as he ran past the teacher cradling her on his way to the stick pile.

But they really do have a great bond already. Violet can literally sit and watch him play trains for ages. Look at how she locks in on him with those eyes full of idolatry. He is very patient with her and loves getting her to smile. He discovered that she loved this squeaky rattle the other day and spent about 30 minutes straight dancing it in front of her making her smile.And then there is my sibling. My own brother who stopped in for a quick visit this past week. Uncle Joey is a big love of Jeremy's, so having him in his house was pretty major for our young man. Joey gave him a bath and put him to bed, reading the bedtime stories with more gusto than I have been able to manage of late. Joey is Violet's godfather (wow, I have not posted the Baptism yet!), and he is a wonderful uncle. We miss you, Uncle Joey!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Gorgeous Girl

I know it is not nice to be braggy, but come on. This is seriously the cutest little girl ever to grace this earth. How can you not smile at this face? I have no words, just adorable photos to share with my friends and family as my little angel grows up before my eyes. Enjoy!See, you are smiling aren't you?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


As my last post almost a month ago stated, I am back at work. And, I am for real back at work. The last few weeks have been insane: working weekends, nights, retreats, etc. I love my job and the people I work with, but it does take a toll every August when I am forced to virtually ignore my home life for a month while we undergo intensive training of our new staff and then open all of our halls for 7500 new students. This was not an issue when I was single, living in my residence hall, and staying up all night making door decorations with my RAs. It became only a slight problem when I was married and had to set boundaries that the RAs could only bother me after 8pm if it was a medical emergency or a drug search. Then, I had a baby boy in a freshman female residence hall and immediately started looking for a new job that would not require me to do any more drug searches or clean up vodka-fumed vomit in the middle of the night.

So, here I am. I have not lived on a college campus in 3 years, I rarely handle drugs or vomit anymore, and I am in a good place professionally 11 months of the year. That one month, though, it is a doozy. To survive these last few weeks, Brian and I had to enlist the help of many different caregivers for our children and barely saw each other as we passed in the night or early morning. Violet did not start "school" until this past Monday, so I had to get 3 weeks of help with her. The lovely UT Early Learning Center, where both of my kids are happily placed now, closes each August for a week. I love the teachers and the curriculum at this place, but come on. A whole week? Closed? And I pay $1500 a month for 2 kids closed or open? You are the UT daycare and you close at the busiest time for UT? Is this a joke? A mean trick?

Anyway, to survive this closing and my work schedule, we had to ship Jeremy to Memphis for 9 days. I sent my little man away for 9 whole days. I couldn't send Violet away since she depends on me for survival, so we enlisted 2 different amazing helpers: Kristen and Ms. Debbie. Without them, we would have gone crazy and I probably would have been fired. Kristen watched Violet for 2 full weeks and even accompanied us on an overnight retreat with 200 RAs and staff members. Violet was officially inducted into the UT Housing family and enjoyed her first experience with sleep-away camp at the age of 10 weeks. Once Kristen had to leave us to go student teach, we turned to Ms. Debbie, who lovingly took care of Violet along with her adorable 18 month old grandson, Anderson. I think Violet liked having Anderson around to fill the void left in her life when Jeremy disappeared for over a week.

Both Kristen and Ms. Debbie were AMAZING and I think Violet preferred their care to mine. We so appreciate your help and are thrilled that we had people like you to turn to for our precious baby girl! Here are some photos Kristen took while she was watching Violet:And here is Violet painting the Rock at UT with all of the RAs in my area at 11 o'clock at night (she is the tiny one in the front):Violet and Anderson at Ms. Debbie's house:And finally, to my family in Memphis who agreed to watch Jeremy literally three days before he showed up: WE LOVE YOU!! Mom, Dad, Cheri, Dani, Joey, Megan, Ted, Aunt Judy, Velita Marie - you guys are fabulous and Jeremy has talked of nothing but going back again immediately.

We are so lucky to have such amazing people to help us as we try to do the best for these kids. Thank you so much!!