Monday, July 25, 2011

Back to Work

Today was officially my first day back to work. Maternity leave is a thing of the past. I was out for 9 weeks, 1 before Violet and 8 after. My girl turns 2 months old this Wednesday. I have never really been one for staying at home and I will be totally honest and admit that I find newborns to be both frustrating and boring at the same time. I love my job and have had my head back in work for a while. The RAs come back soon and we open the halls in a few short weeks - the most exciting time of the year at work.

And yet...

For all my complaining about being imprisoned at home, lack of sleep, and whining about needing adult conversation, I am really going to miss this face.Despite all of the vomit, screaming, and projectile poop, I will regret missing a single smile.Violet,
I love you and would not have changed a moment of our precious first weeks together. You are an amazing little gal and I am thankful I got to be here as you discovered how to pump those arms and legs, get your fist in your mouth, swat at the toys on your chair, coo and gurgle, and smile those wide toothless grins. Now, be a good girl, learn to sleep at night rather than in the day, and don't do anything cute or new until I get home from work.

Monday, July 18, 2011

A Boy, a Girl, a Potty, and a Mouse

My kids in a nutshell: lying on Thomas sheets with a Thomas stuffed animal, Mickey and Minnie, a monkey, and a Thomas catalog. He is cheesing and she is gazing at him adoringly.

My boy is 3 and a half years old. He is exceptionally tall and looks like a 5 year old. This makes the whole potty situation seem even worse. For the last three and a half years, Jeremy has VIOLENTLY refused to have anything to do with the potty. Then, out of nowhere, this past weekend my 18th try at putting him in underwear/naked finally paid off. He peed in the potty 8 times, pooped in the potty once, and even wore his Thomas underwear to the bookstore and Kroger. And, he peed in the public toilet in Kroger. No accidents. Who is this kid? Sunday was not so successful, but I was still riding the high of Saturday to care. We made cupcakes to celebrate.Notice the chocolate on Violet's face after Jeremy gave her a random kiss.My girl is 7 weeks old and has finally begun to smile in earnest at her mom, dad, and brother. She smiles when I sing to her (don't laugh, Danielle), when Brian does anything, and when Jeremy gives her trains. And, I realized yesterday, she saves her biggest smiles for Mickey and Minnie. We bought these two on our honeymoon and they caught Violet's eye when she was playing on Jeremy's bed, I think due to the bold colors rather than the normal pastels of the other animals. She was smitten!I still think her first love is Jeremy, though. She seriously will follow him all around the room with her eyes and pumps her arms and legs like she is trying to fly out of her seat when he talks to her.I suppose it is getting redundant at this point, but I do love these kiddos to pieces.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Random Cuteness

Sorry for the quality, my video camera is not really meant for this purpose, but I think the cuteness shines through the grainy quality. Our little gal is getting bigger and though she has lost some hair and still crosses her eyes a bit and has four chins, she is beyond adorable.

She has begun to love the vibrating chair that was Jeremy's favorite as well. It tends to bring up vomit, but it keeps her happy for hours while she sits and watches Jeremy play trains.We are really trying to push the pacifier since Jeremy has a finger-sucking addiction, and it is going well so far.
She still likes the bath quite a bit, though I have started doing them around 2am to kill time and keep myself awake while she thinks it is 2pm. We are still working on that...I just thought she looked like a ballerina in this outfit, so took an extra pic.I don't think I will ever tire of taking photos of these two together. Jeremy ran up to me and told me that Violet wanted him to pick her up. So, I let him hold her and he managed a full 2 minutes before he let go and she nose-dived into the carpet. That's my boy!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Road Trip Blues

Remember when riding in the car for hours was so hard? All you want to do is get to your destination, and no amount of toy trains, Thomas books, or Mr. Moos will make it faster. Six hours in a car is hard for anyone, but it is downright torture for a three year-old who can't wait to see his Pop. We went to McKay's Used Books the night before and let him pick out three new books (free! we have soo much credit there) and I am proud to say he really did spend hours "reading" these books, playing with his trains, and giving us Violet updates.

But, inevitably, sleep began to take over around hour 5. And the memories of trying to get comfortable in a car during a long road trip came back to me as my poor baby struggled to find a spot that would allow him to sleep for more than a minute while his head bobbed around.And like any good mom, my sympathy only went so far as I pulled out the camera, took photos, and laughed instead of helping him out.I think he managed to get 17 minutes of sleep total. I was impressed. He was not. One would think the infant would be the headache on the trip - oh no, 3 year-olds are a special breed.

We'll bring a real pillow next time. :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Jeremy Hopper, meet Casey Jones

On our way back from Memphis, we stopped in Jackson to visit the Casey Jones museum and train museum. Yeah. We realized that we had been passing this particular spot every time we drove to Memphis and it is kind of like denying a pig his mud or a beaver his sticks. There is a train museum that Jeremy needs to see, so we took the plunge.

He LOVED it. We got out of the car, he took my hand, and walked around the parking lot saying, "I love this, I love this" over and over again. Pure joy. And that was just the parking lot. Luckily, Violet enjoys trains as well (read: slept the whole time), so we were in good shape for a long visit. Here are some photos of him with some trains, in the museum store (which is really a train playground), and with his new Gordon, the train we let him buy because he is so good (read: to avoid a tantrum for the remaining 5 hours in the car). We had fun and now every time we get in a car Jeremy fondly reminisces about this wonderful trip (read: screams for us to go to the train store to buy him things).

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Hoppers Ham it Up

This past holiday weekend, we traveled to Memphis for my family's annual Hootenanny and Shindig, which I will get to in a later post. On the way to Memphis, we stopped in Nashville to visit the Hoppers. Since we alternate our holidays, we missed the Hopper reunion, but we were able to make a quick stop so Jeremy and Violet could see their grandparents for a bit - with a surprise cameo by Uncle Graham.

Grandaddy got some great photos of the kiddos being hams on our two stops (coming and going from Memphis). He and Nana gave us some great food, uncovered the wooden train, played Thomas videos on the computer over and over again, and showered a little girl with kisses. They are kind of amazing and we love them!!