Monday, November 28, 2011

Violet: 6 Months Old!

My little munchkin is 6 months old! We have managed to keep her alive for half a year! I remember when Brian and I would seriously congratulate ourselves each month for successfully keeping Jeremy alive. Oh, the joys of first-time parenthood.

Anyway, Viley (as Jeremy now calls her) is a very active little gal at 6 months. She now sits completely unassisted, holds her own bottle (when she feels like it), has two teeth, sings in the car, and wakes up with a smile on her face every morning.Two of my favorite new things from this month: First, when I pick up my little squirt, she grabs my face in both of her hands and leans in with her mouth wide open to give me a huge kiss. It is super gross, but I LOVE it! Second, I wake up in the mornings to the sound of Jeremy going to the bathroom (classy, I know). He used to then run into my room. Now, he goes back into his room and stands at Violet's crib and says some or all of the following: "Good morning little Viley. Did you have good dreams? Mommy's coming to get you. Don't worry. Mommy is coming." It is no wonder she never cries in the mornings - she has her big brother there for comfort. He will sometimes reach in the bars to tug on her blanket, which causes her to giggle. Love it!

I tried to get a happy morning picture on two separate occasions, and it proved rather difficult. This blanket was made by my Nona, Violet's Great Nona. She loves it and will not go to sleep without it. Unfortunately, she enjoys putting her fingers, toes, arms, and legs into the holes and now it has huge holes in it. But, she loves it and I am sure she will continue to love it until it is a big ball of unraveled yarn.At 6 months Violet is happy and healthy. She has huge cheeks that you just want to kiss and kiss and kiss all day long. Her weight is probably (ie definitely) on the high end (we have a check up in 2 weeks) but I am not concerned. She loves baby food of all flavors (even the meats, which is gross, so thanks to Melissa and Anderson for giving us a year's supply of Gerber meats) and when she sees a bottle she will practically jump out of your arms to grab it and shove it in her mouth. She weaned herself this month and refuses to nurse at all. I was sad, but let's be honest, she is a healthy eater and I could not keep up with the demand. You would think we never feed her, but no, she eats 5 bottles a day and 3 jars of baby food. She is chunkalicious. And I love it.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

We are thankful for...

We spent Thanksgiving this year with the Hoppers in Nashville. We love spending time with Grandaddy, Nana, Uncle Dave, Uncle Graham, Uncle Rob, Aunt Katherine, and Aunt Jennie!Food
Katherine hosted and set a beautiful table for the grown-ups, and a delightful one for the kids! I do love a good kid's table! Katherine's turkey was amazing and all of the food was great. I made my mom's Cherry Almond Creme Pies because it just is not Thanksgiving without them. What is Thanksgiving without way too much food?Cousins
We now have 5 kids on the Hopper side. A year ago, we had 2. In age order, we have Jeremy, Philip, Jude, Pete, and Violet. These are the best photos I managed to snap - aren't they a cute bunch?Babies
These three were adorable (when they were not crying). They are going to be thick as thieves when they get older.Teeth
Right before we left town, Violet's first teeth poked through! Her two front bottoms came through at the same time. You cannot see them here, but this was when I first saw them and tried unsuccessfully to take photos.A Helpful Girl
Violet has begun sitting up unassisted and holding her own bottle. I can now enlist her help to do the laundry and change the channel when I feed her. Such big steps for my little girl.Trains and Pancakes
We stopped at rest stop on I-40 so Jeremy could go to the bathroom. He came running out to see me and Violet and show me the cards he got from the big display case. He is nothing if not predictable, that kid.Lots and LOTS of Soap
I debated leaving this out, but it started off our Thanksgiving in style. Violet pooped in the car after school on Wednesday. I heard it. When I tried to pick her up, I was arrested by the poop seeping out of the neck hole of her onesie. Yes, the neck hole. Her entire front was covered with poop. To get it off her, she ended up with poop on her cheeks, hands, feet, and hair - I had to contort her body and lay on her bit to keep her hands and feet out of her mouth. I went through 8 wipes before I even removed the diaper. I threw her in the tub and dumped soap on her. I am pretty used to my kids' bodily functions by now, but that was GROSS. Those of you without children, consider this a free and highly effective form of birth control. You're welcome.And there we have it! Poop, babies, pies, and fun! What are you thankful for this year?

Friday, November 18, 2011

November 18th

November 18th is a big day for our family. Brian and I officially started our family 5 years ago today. He wore a skirt and I felt like a princess.I am so happy to be able to spend my life with my best friend as my partner in crime, and I am excited that we have expanded our family unit with our amazing kids. We are blessed to have the life we do, so humor me and fawn over my precious children!Happy Anniversary, Brian!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It's Official

My kids have grown up.

Violet can eat with a spoon:And no longer needs the sling in her bathtub:And plays with cars.College is around the corner. I hope she stays out of frat houses.

Jeremy was sick this week so we had a mommy/son day at home. At one point, he walked up to me, hands in his pockets, and said, "Mommy, let's have a conversation about Mr. Moo." Ok. I learned that Mr. Moo loves TV, her brother is Jeremy, her favorite food is chicken salad, her favorite color is yellow, and her favorite place is Pop's house. Intriguing. But, seriously, he said the word conversation, then proceeded to have one. Crazy!

Jeremy also got a much needed haircut this week. I think we cut off the final ties to his toddlerhood and are officially left with a young man. (yes, I made pancakes for dinner)And finally, most exciting of all, those random letters he stares at all the time are finally coming together to form words. All on his own. Much of it is sight recognition of familiar words, but I heard him sounding one out the other day - by himself - and he got it right ("milk", not a word he sees written very often, unlike "train"). I seriously am so proud that my son is beginning to read at 3 years old. Its totally time for Harry Potter!

As excited as I am to see them growing, I am so sad to let my babies go. And yes, I realize how stupid that sounds considering my daughter is all of 5 months old, but I can't help it - I love those kids something awful!
Ugh, cuteness. How could I not?