Tuesday, November 27, 2012

There Were Never Such Devoted Sisters

So, my family is not exactly...normal.

In case you have not noticed.

Many years ago, my sister Cheri and I performed the Sisters routine from White Christmas for my mom on Mother's Day, as it is one of her favorite movies.  We were like 10 years old and it was cute.  For the past 20 years, my parents (dad in particular) have been begging us to do it again.  We have declined, because, well, we do have some pride.

Did have some pride.

We finally decided the time was ripe for a return to our glory days of song and dance stardom.  Since our younger sister, Dani, is now an actual professional actress and singer, we thought it should become a trio rather than a duet.  So, this insanity was born.

We wanted to have it ready for Dad's birthday, and we tried to film in October when I was in Memphis, but we were riddled with problems.  I forgot my dress, Joey couldn't be there to film, the camera did not work, etc.  So, we tried again this past week over Thanksgiving, deciding a live performance would be better than a taped one anyway.  And I remembered the dress this time.

So, dignity offered up on the altar of parental love, here we go.  Dani handmade the fans, we are wearing the bridesmaid dressing from Dani's faux wedding this summer (she borrowed Christy's), and though you may be inclined to think otherwise, we did actually rehearse and choreograph this ridiculous routine.

I cannot believe I am actually sharing this for people to see.  Ugh.

Fun times.  Here are some photos:
Cheri and I were delighted to get to wear these expensive bridesmaid dresses for something.

how cute is our dad??

And here are the photos from our first attempt at filming this back in October in an actual theatre (where Dani was doing a play, so we snuck in during the daytime):
makeup - we are total professionals

Megan (also our sister) worked the camera, that did not actually work, turns out

see, not as cute without the right dress. right?

Dad, we love you.  More than our own dignity, pride, and self-esteem, we love you to pieces!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

School Pictures


Who doesn't scream in horror and run for cover at the very mention of those most dreaded of words?

I swear nothing invoked more fear into my mind as a child/teenager/adult/stilltothisday as the very thought of school picture day.

I have tried to be sane and not imbed this illogical fear in the minds of my children, but while they may be blissfully unaware, I was sweating bullets preparing for this nightmare of all nightmares.

Somehow, though, somehow the gods smiled upon two incredibly unphotogenic parents and gave them a freaking child model for a son.

Seriously.  How handsome is that kid?  He should be in a magazine. 

Oh, and apparently he is 12, because last time I checked, that is not a 4 year old.

Then, unfortunately for our second born, the gracious gods of photogenic good looks took the day off when Miss Viley Boo was born.

I swear her hair looked cute that day.  And her waist did not look so awkward.  And she does know how to smile - and sit normally.  And...I'm sorry, those are just bad.


On to the sibling photo. 

Eh.  Jeremy looks great, Violet is clearly aware that the camera does not love her. But, how crazy similar do they look here, right?  Obviously brother and sister.

When it came time to purchase or not purchase, I wanted Jeremy's because, hello, awesome, but then I felt like I had to buy Violet's because, hello, favoritism is bad.  So, I spent money on those monstrous photos.  I am ashamed. 

But they are still the best kids around, regardless of what the camera may say.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

At the Pumpkin Patch

Do you remember this field trip

Yeah, I still have nightmares about that day.  So, when this year's field trip to the pumpkin patch came along, I was determined to be prepared.  Item 1: Brian had to come with me.  I am not that amazing mom who can calmly keep her well-behaved quiet children in line by herself.  Item 2: We still don't have rain boots, but I got permission for Jeremy to use the school ones (yup, we are that family that uses the free boots left behind by another family - no shame), and Violet wore her hand-me-down Uggs (thanks, Nicole and Lily!).  Item 3: I had a talk with the big man upstairs and he promised me no pouring rain, no sub-zero temperatures, and even a little sunshine. 

So, we were off!

How awesome is this picture?  I have about 20 horrible ones on my camera attempting to get this one decent shot of the kids and some pumpkins.  Exhausting.

Vi and her classmate Penelope loved the huge rockers.

So determined.  She sprinted to the pumpkins as soon as she got out of the wagon.

On the wagon ride.

Look at those Hoppers.  Violet was delighted to be running with the "big kids" since we hung with Jeremy's class rather than Violet's during the trip.
They got to feed goats.  Jeremy loved it, Vi not so much!

Singing the scarecrow song with the class.  You can't really tell here, but Jeremy is so much taller than everyone else - it always surprises me when I see them all together.

Entering the corn maze.  Violet led the group (seriously, she ran ahead of the entire class of parents, kids, and teachers).  And led us out in record time.  She might be a genius.  Or really lucky.  Or it was an easy maze.

Picnic.  Laughing hysterically at Brian's face as he realizes the sandwiches are made with soy butter.  Ugh.

What the heck?  Best family photo we have ever taken.  Thanks, Shelby!
Ah, what a difference a year makes!  We had a great time, and I did not get a ticket, hit a dumpster with the car, murder anyone, or get fired this year!  Success!  Maybe I really am getting better at this mommy thing?

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy Birthday, Pop!

We are super sad we don't get to see all our awesome grandparents on their special days!

I asked Violet if she had a message for Pop, and here is what she had to say:

"Pop, I love you more than POPcorn"

"And more than my book Hop on POP"

And more than my ball POPper"

And even more than a tootsie POP!"

Jeremy also had a message for his Pop:
We love you!!  Have an amazing birthday!!