Thursday, May 31, 2012


Memorial Day weekend was wonderful not only because Viley Boo had a birthday, but also because a whole slew of Carrs made the trip to Knoxville for a visit!  My parents, Cheri, Joey, and Megan all came to celebrate with Viley and to cheer on Jeremy in his t-ball game.  His game was at 11am on Saturday morning, so it was no small feat for them to get here in time since it is at least a 6 hour drive.  It turned out it was a beautiful day to take in a game.
Look how happy Violet is to be reunited with her Nona.  Every time she jumps happily into my mom's arms after an extended absence, my heart leaps a little.  She is wary of most people at this age, but no hesitation to jump right into Nona's arms!
Joey and Megan are Violet's godparents, and Megan is also a favorite of Violet's.  We went to the Market Square Farmer's Market over the weekend, and Viley attached herself to Aunt Meg's hip and did not want to let go.  Super cute.  I really can't remember a time when Megan was not a part of our family!  I realized I never posted photos of her baptism back in July, so here is a cute one of Viley and her godparents.
 Dr. Cheri (yay PhD!!) heard me moaning on the phone last week that Jeremy's bed keeps breaking.  Never one to back down from a challenge, Dr. Cheri (it never gets old!) took it upon herself to locate a bed via Craig's List, figure out a way to bungee it to our car, picked it up, cleaned and sanded it, painted it, and assembled it all in one day.  She is kind of amazing.  Jeremy loves his new bed, and Brian and I love not going in his room each morning to find him sleeping on a collapsed bed anymore.
We also had a huge poker night that lasted until the wee hours of the morning and ended with an unlikely face-off between Megan and Kristin, with Megan coming out on top.  It was a hilarious night full of way too much Chinese food takeout, my dad in various costumes, buffalo jerky, naked lady clay poker chips, and some impressive bluffing.  Sadly, I did not take any photos of the fun.  Probably a good idea since they could be used as evidence later.

The only sad part was that Dani could not be there, but she is doing so much better since her surgery!  It sometimes hits me how extremely lucky I am to have such a happy, funny, and crazy family.  I love them all!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Birthday, Viley Boo!

 Well, my baby turned a year old!  A whole year!  I am flabbergasted.  We celebrated with a Dr. Seuss party, since she loves all of his books, especially that crazy Cat and his Things.

We had lots of family come in from out of town for the party, which was super sweet.  Megan is an art teacher and the most creative person I know so she was able to take the many decorations I made or bought (anything I bought was on clearance - most things I made) and turned our house into a Seuss-filled fun zone!  Here is the table - covered in goodies!
I made buttons for everyone to wear with Violet's cute little face.  Because I am a nerd.
The goodie boxes for kids included Cat in the Hat pencils, bookmarks, stickers, candy, and goldfish crackers.
The cupcakes I made myself (funfetti seemed appropriate) and I made these toppers from an idea I got from my friend Nicole.  I just glued two pieces of paper together with a toothpick in between.  Viley on one side, Things One and Two on the other!
The border was a pack of cutouts I got from the teacher supply section at Target on sale that we taped to yarn and hung up. It ran around the whole room and was super cute.  So easy!
 The front door was decorated with a sign and some Things to set the tone.
 She loved the cupcake after she got over the uncomfortableness of people staring at her and singing.
 Her favorite gift was the Rapunzel doll I got her.  We were in Target a few weeks ago and girlfriend almost leaped out of the cart to grab this doll from the shelf.  She really does love Tangled.  She is really too young for a doll with tons of hair, but how could I not when she was so excited.
This beach towel (from Ms. Amy -we love you!) was hilarious.  She saw Rapunzel, got so excited and tried to hug her, but then she would get so frustrated that it was not real.  She simply did not understand that it was a one-dimensional photo and not the real princess here to play with her.
Great photos of Viley and Jeremy:
 Violet and Granddaddy - we missed you, Nana!
 Vi and Cousin Jude:
Loving on her amazing Godmother:
Uncle Joey and Aunt Megan:
 Nona and Pop (who were amazing and helpful the entire visit!):
I also made a  little treat for the grandparents (though I guess it is really for me).  I made a book out of the blog entries I have done for each of Violet's monthly milestones.  I know you can order real versions of these books, but since I have a binding machine at work, I made my own and it was free!  I love looking at how she has grown through the years, and I included the Dr. Seuss happy birthday poem that I think is super cute.

It was a wonderful day filled with fun, family, and a fabulous girl.  Happy Birthday, my beautiful Viley Boo!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Catching Up

I have been crazy busy and have so many topics and photos I wanted to post.  So, I am going to throw them all in at once since I know myself and I will never do it later.

First up, it was Mother's Day!  My own mom spent that special day doing what she does best - taking care of her baby while Dani was in the hospital.  She is a Mother with a capital M and nothing matters more to her than her kids and their well-being.  My kids made me cards, food, and were simply sweet for my special day.  Really, that is all I ask for - no exploding diapers or temper tantrums on Mother's Day and I am a happy gal.

We are moving!  Our lease is up at our townhouse and we decided to go ahead and look for a house to rent so that Jeremy could finally have a backyard.  We found one in Farragut for a crazy low price, so we pounced on it.  We get the keys June 1st, so that will be a super fun adventure next month.  It is a TINY house, but it does have three bedrooms (yay!), a garage, a yard, and a fireplace.  And, best yet, our kitchen table will be over tile rather than carpet!!!  You have no idea how excited we are about this.  Anyone with kids can back me up here - children eating on carpet is just the stupidest thing ever, why would a dining room be carpeted??  I am pretty sure we will lose our entire deposit at our current place simply because of the stupid carpet.
We went to the wedding of one of the gal's I have worked with for years.  Febi was beautiful and the reception was held in one of the most posh locations in Knoxville.  Leave it to my kids to crawl around on the floor, explore through cabinets, and remove table cloths while playing peek-a-boo under the furniture.  We are a classy bunch!

We had a great cookout at Elizabeth and Ben's a while ago and I got some adorable pictures of the kiddos.  Jeremy and William really have been friends since birth, and I love that they play so well together, even though they are not in school with each other anymore.  Now that we will have a yard, Brian and I plan on paying them back for all the lovely meals they have hosted at their home!

We had our annual UTPD vs Housing softball game, and we won!  Jeremy showed up ready to play, but luckily Jess was there to entertain him so that he did not get clobbered by the ball.  It is a wee bit more intense than t-ball.
Viley has been sick, Jeremy has been sick, and our house kinda smells like the plague.  But, I think everyone is on the mend, now.  The up side to the sickness is that I got in some quality cuddle time with my kiddos.  Here we are watching Tangled - again.  She literally sat in my lap like this for the entire movie.  Girl was not feeling her best.
And finally, it is summer here at UT!  That means we turn our residence halls into hotels and welcome tens of thousands of kids to campus for various camps.  I was put in charge of summer training this year, so I spent a week faking enthusiasm and bumbling my way through presentations, and now this week we have 7,000 kids on campus for the Destination Imagination Global Finals.  It is intense.  This photo is from their Opening Ceremony last night.  No joke. 
So no, I do not have summers off since I work on a college campus.  I wish.  But, I do have fun and I have a feeling it will be a summer to remember!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Shout Outs and a Video

So, I know I am horribly behind on the blog.  Work, work, and more work has invaded my life and the blog got relegated to the back of my to do list.  I am working on a super long catch up post, but in the meantime I shall wet your appetite with a few shout outs.

1. My little sister Dani was hospitalized and had to have an emergency appendectomy, and since she has ulcerative colitis, it was more complicated than it would be for most and she had to endure quite the ordeal.  Luckily, she is ahmahzing and pulled through beautifully.  Love you, Dan Quayle!
Dani at her first bridal shower this past weekend!

2. My older sister, Cheri, just successfully defended her dissertation!  She is now a doctor of philosophy!  AND, her committee said NO REVISIONS were needed on her paper.  That never happens.  Like ever.  I have been saying it for years, and now I have more proof: my sister is a genius.  Dr. Cheri Carr, congrats!
Cheri (white shirt) celebrating after her dissertation defense!

3. This video cracks me up.  I so admire people who are better parents than I am.  I have no patience and would probably kill an entire team of children if this was my job.  Luckily, it is not.  Ben, William's dad, is Jeremy's t-ball coach and he is so great with the kids.  He takes time with each child at each at bat, and encourages them so well.  And he has managed to dodge the bat Jeremy throws at his head every time.  :)
More to come now that I am back in the blogging groove!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Violet: 11 Months Old

I cannot believe this is the second to last one of these I will write.  But, I am excited to document a very pivotal month for our little lady.
First up, Miss Viley Boo is finally mobile!  She crawls everywhere!  She is opening cabinets, pulling books off shelves, bothering Jeremy, and peeking around corners with that smile of hers.  It is wonderful!
On the flip side, Vi was rather under the weather this month.  She had her first case of pink eye that popped up after an extended cold led to some very hygienic wiping of snot into her eyes (who doesn't love a gross baby story?).  We got her some drops and put her on an antibiotic and all was well.
Until it wasn't.  Baby girl became polka dotted.  It was rather bizarre and I did not know what on earth was happening.  She seemed fine, the spots were not raised, and she had no fever.  I even tried to pawn her off on school until they finally forced me to take her home due to the risk of an unidentified rash.  Oops.  Anyway, turns out she was having an allergic reaction to the antibiotic.  So, that sucked.  Now, she is happily sipping on Benadryl to keep the spots at bay.  (Don't worry: I have worked with enough over-medicated and prescription-addicted college students that I have only given her a fraction of what the doctor prescribed - I don't care about the spots as much as I fear inadvertently teaching her that everything in life can be solved with a pill.)

Let's see, due to our many doctor visits we know that Viley is 20 pounds, 12 ounces.  Chubster supreme.  She is very vocal and LOVES to wave.  She likes to combine these two things, to Brian's and my delight.  She will crawl toward the front door, turn around, and wave at us saying "Ba Ba" while smiling ear to ear.  When she goes to bed, she sits in her crib and waves to us saying "Na Na". She also knows the sign language for "help", "more", "milk", and "all done".  I think she is a genius.
She is still loving all kinds of toys, but she is starting to play with them in more intentional ways.  She tries to feed her baby dolls with other toys that vaguely look like bottles (perhaps I should buy her some new toys...).  She also still loves to dance and mimic Jeremy, which is getting cuter and cuter every day.  When they dance together, I almost die of adorableness overload. 
Violet is having a good time right now, and her fussiness has seen a considerable drop off, which was a welcome change.  Her teachers rave that she is so happy at school and often is a smiley port in the storm for them when all the other babies are rioting in mass.  Little Viley is happily enjoying all the choicest toys and dancing to her internal music while those around her act a fool. Oh, and I love that we have progressed to ponytails to keep her hair out of her eyes.  It's the little things. ;)
That's my girl.