Monday, October 29, 2012

Telegram for Nana!

We couldn't be there in person, but we wanted to share in your special day!

We love you!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

First Trip to the Dentist

We are a bit behind schedule in taking Jeremy to the dentist, but luckily, we have nothing but praise from the doc to show for it.  :)

Our first trip to the dentist was quite the ordeal.  It began three months ago when I realized our family dental plan did not actually include the family - and cannot include the family.  Awesome.  Makes total sense.  I had to do a mountain of paperwork, write an essay (I am not kidding), and get testimonials from local dentist offices and employees from the insurance company in order to let them release us and sign up with a new provider. 

I question if teeth are actually that important.

We finally settled on Knoxville Pediatric Dentistry with our newly printed dental insurance cards and here are my babies smiling happily as they watch TV and play video games in the waiting room.

See those happy kids?  Yeah, that lasted less than a minute after their names were called. 

The kids had dual appointments, so they were both seen at the same time.  They also had dual tantrums, panic attacks, and screaming fits, so they were both horrifying awful at the same time. 

Oh, the joys of mommyhood.

Jeremy seriously had a panic attack. I have seen him do this before, but I never had Violet losing her cool at the same time.  He broke out in red spots all over his body, could not breath properly, had tears running down his face, his legs seized up (no joke) and he was making a strange dying animal noise.  Then he bit the dental assistant while her hand was in his mouth.  In his defense, he was mid-freak out and I don't think he had any idea he did it and it was not on purpose, but she was definitely bleeding.

Violet, meanwhile, had to be restrained - by me.  I literally had to lie on top of her so that the dentist could look inside her mouth.  (Let's be honest, this is similar to how I brush her teeth at night anyway, so I was expecting it, but I was NOT expecting Jeremy to be hyperventilating on the table next to me at the exact same time).

I would also like to point out that all they did was clean their teeth, for less than a few minutes.  Nothing scary, painful, or disorienting was done. 

Except to my pride as a parent.

But, their teeth look great!  The dentist was impressed and said they did not even have the hint of a cavity.  Jeremy's bite is off a bit due to the finger sucking, but he said not to worry about that at this time and it may even correct itself once his big kid molars come in. 

Speaking of the fingers, we have officially begun bandaging his hands so he cannot suck his fingers.  I am happy to say it was his idea (sort of).  We have been talking about it as an option and the other day Jeremy looked at me and said, "I think I need band-aids on my fingers.  I can't stop it."  I kind of wanted to cry knowing he realized it was a problem that he could not control.  We are a few days in and he is doing really well!  We take off the bandages at night, but other than that, he does not put them in his mouth at all.  We are told we should try this for a few weeks before we leave them on at night so that he can get used to self-soothing in other ways. 

So, any suggestions for panic attacks?  He so rarely does this anymore I almost forgot about it, but to be honest I think that now he is older, they are just more intense than ever.  Ugh.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall Break Recap!

I am so behind in my blogging!  Ahh!  I have no excuse except I am lazy and my new camera takes way longer to upload photos since i have to resize them all to less than a million megabites per pic.  But, I am choosing to soldier on, despite the trying circumstances of my life.  :)

A few weeks ago, we had Fall Break at UT.  This technically means nothing since I am supposed to work while the students are off.  But, since by monsters attend the UT daycare, I had to take off to watch them.  We decided to head to Memphis and Nashville for visits since I cannot be alone with my kids for four days straight without going insane.  Plus, it meant I could make it to my mom's birthday party!

First, we stopped in Nashville to visit with the Hoppers!  Granddaddy and Nana spoiled Jeremy rotten with new clothes and they found Vi's Rapunzel doll that we had given up for lost!  We had a blast and were incredibly lucky that Graham and Katherine made the trip as well so that the cousins could play a bit.  Jeremy and Philip really love playing together, and I am confident Pete and Vi will be besties once they are old enough to realize the whole world does not revolve around them.

I am IN LOVE with this picture.  They don't look perfect, but do you know how hard it is to get four kids sort of looking the same way while perched on a high brick wall without falling to their deaths?  Yeah.

When we made it to Memphis we had fun hanging out with the Carr family.  We checked out some local restaurants, played wii for hours, tantrumed for Dora, and played with Joey and Megan's dogs.  The birthday party was fun and the kids were devastated to leave, as usual.

We made it back home exhausted, but I was delighted to see the kids light up when we turned onto our street.  They love to travel and see their family, but they also recognize and love being home!