Saturday, December 29, 2012

Deck the Halls

There are so many signs of the season surrounding me right at this moment.  I thought I would pause a second to capture some of what made this Christmas a magical one for us.

The smell of freshly baked cookies still in the air...

The flush of red cheeks in the cold winter night...
Light Up the Park!  He is probably not supposed to do that...where is his mother??
Mr. Moo in a tree
Check out my new coat!
The lights from the trees filling the room...

Our second tree is our old little one decorated in only train ornaments and with a train underneath

The greetings sent from loved ones...
This was 2 weeks ago, that window is covered with love right now
The stockings hung with oh so much care...

The homemade presents I hope are being loved...
I made coasters for everyone - I designed the pictures for each individual person, mod podged them down, waterproofed them with a sealant, and put felt on the bottom - I think they turned out pretty good

I made bookmarks for my nephews - all with fun Dr. Seuss quotes and their adorable little faces - someone click on this so you can see the detail I put into designing and making these
My favorite Seuss poop quote on the back, because I am the classy aunt
Watching that heart grow three sizes...

Hobnobbing with the famous...
aunt dani is a professional actress now and we hit up her show at the Circuit Playhouse in Memphis
And the giggles that constantly fill the house...
1st ever tea party - with Dora and Diego in attendance, natch

with her pearls and cardigan she is now a little old lady
Vi beating up her big brother again
Happy Holidays!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Very Princess Race Car Christmas!

Happy Merry Christmas!

It has been an exhaustingly wonderful day in the Hopper household.  Santa came last night and he brought some exciting gifts for two little kids.  I missed out on a great reaction video because someone literally SPRINTED out of bed this morning to see what he got. All I saw from our bedroom (and I was on the watch for him) was a red blur of pajamas as he ran past.

So, here are some photos of our holiday!
Christmas Eve Dinner - I cooked all day!  Boldreghini gravy and ravioli, cherry almond pie, broccoli casserole, deviled eggs, etc.  Yummy!

Daddy and Jeremy checking out the Santa Tracker to see how close he is to Knoxville

Cookies and milk for the big man (baked and decorated by Jeremy)

He came!  He came!

Jeremy got a real bike, some hot wheels stuff, a few stinky, dirty books, and a stocking full of sweets

Vi got a Little People Disney Princess castle, a huge Dora, 3 princess books, and an over-flowing stocking

Opening his gifts

After opening Cinderella, Vi refused any more gifts until we turned it on

Testing out the new bike

I love Christmas pajamas!

She would not stop smothering Dora with full-body hugs and kisses

Getting creative with his hot wheels ramp

And there she is...Princess Violet.  She may never wear real clothes again.
Dani got her this Tangled blanket and Rapunzel dress - she was in heaven - this is unadulterated joy right here 

Jeremy and I snuggled up watching The Lord of the Rings

We hope you all had a wonderful day filled with toys to assemble and too much food!!  More photos coming in a few days!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Birthday Weekend!

As I think on our weekend, I can't help but see it all as though through a filter - a bit dazed.  I may have woken the kids up in the middle of the night for an extra squeeze.  I may have hugged too tight and kissed too much.  I am just so grateful to have my babies to hug and squeeze and kiss.  And my heart breaks for those who no longer have that chance.  May God bless them all, the babies, the heroes masquerading as teachers, the families.

We celebrated in style this weekend as Jeremy partied hard, as any 5 year-old should.  Of course, in style is a relative term.  If your style involves race cars, you are in luck!
So excited!

Race track table!

I took the photos I used for his class presentation and made a Wall of Jeremy

I was shocked at how much the kids enjoyed the silly games we played.  Pin the car on the race track:
They could all see through the blindfold so everyone won. 

Random hot wheels races on this state of the art track I made in 30 seconds:
They played on this for ages.  Boys are so strange.

And running races, backwards, forwards, skipping, whatever:
Ready, set, GO!
Jeremy wins!  Because he cheated, but whatever!

Jeremy is not at all spoiled.
Happy Birthday to You!

Too much food.

Too many presents.

Elizabeth, I hate you. They love this thing. It is HUGE!

I had to include this because I was proud of my first ever attempt at Legos. 

I was impressed with how polite and thankful he was, it was a good thing to see in him.  However, I was NOT impressed with my little diva who threw a MONSTER tantrum for the entire 2 hours of the party.  Brian and my dad had to leave with her and missed most of the festivities.  The minute everyone left, she was an angel again. Ugh.
Look at that innocence - it is all an act, I promise

Loving her Nona
Thanks to everyone who showed up to celebrate with our big man.  Especially our out of town grandparents!  Seriously, my mom and dad drove here from Memphis, bought us a house full of food, took us out to eat, and what did I do?  I crashed into their car.  Literally.  I am an idiot.  And now I have a cracked bumper and my mom has a dented and chipped front end.  Oi vey.  They may never come back.

But, my idocy aside (I feel like I say that a lot), Jeremy is one happy kid! 

Happy Birthday, little man!!