Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Boy

I feel that with the new year, I need to check in on the children.  I have said it before, but this blog serves as my family photo album, baby book, medical records, and social security cards for my children.  Because I simply cannot be bothered to keep up with things like that. 

So, my State of the Union on one Mr. Jeremy Campbell Hopper, age 5:

Ham - My Jeremy is a ham with a capital H.  He loves to be the center of attention and I would not be surprised if he follows in his Aunt Dani's footsteps and becomes an actor - no joke.  Recently in his class, they did an impromtu play since it was raining and the teachers needed an activity.  Jeremy scored the lead role and knocked it out of the park.  His teacher was so excited to tell me about it and that she is now thinking they need to do a full version of it for the parents if for no other reason than that Jeremy was just THAT good.  He has no stage fright, loves to pretend, and is hilarious. I look forward to being his stage mom and living off of his riches. 

Technology - This kid is insane.  I have an iPad and for the longest time I hid it from him.  I don't bother anymore because 1) he is beyond careful with it and I would probably break it before he did, 2) he is way smarter than me and has actually taught me how to do things on it, and 3) they freaking use these things in kindergarten classrooms now - for real - so I guess I am glad he is learning how to use it early in life?  So odd.  But, it really is crazy to see him navigate the iPad, our laptop, his Leap Pad, etc with such ease.  I remember getting AOL in 8th grade and it being so cool to have that crazy internet thing.  I am old.

MRS. Moo - Yes, you read that correctly.  Mrs. Moo is now officially a girl.  First, it was just Mr. Moo, longtime companion.  Then, it became Mr. Moo the girl cow, d'uh mom.  Now, he calls her Mrs. Moo because it just randomly occurred to him one day that Mr. would mean boy and Mrs. Moo is clearly a girl.  But, at least her gender identity issues seem to be resolved.  For the moment.  And, Mrs. Moo no longer goes to school or out on the town.  She is a home lovie from now on as we prepare for kindergarten and the fact that carrying around a beat up smelly cow thing at age 12 is simply not cute.  And I find it mildly hilarious that she is married.  He strongly enunciates that extra syllable.

Berenstein Bears - Can I fully express how much I love that he loves these books?  We have tons of BB books and he reads them all - over and over again.  Literally last night I heard him at 10:15pm talking in his room. I expected to open the door and see him with his toys - nope, he was surrounded by BB books in his bed reading (he does voices, inflection, motions, etc - actor!).  It was adorable, but still frustrating, because come on, that is 2 hours past bedtime.  Brother and Sister Bear can wait until morning to cure their case of the gimmies.  Oh, and who knew they had a baby sister named Honey Bear?  I guess she came along after my time.

NASCAR - Is that supposed to be all capital?  Does it stand for something?  These are questions I need answered in my life, as race cars are his new favorite thing.  Just as he once spouted off every model train ever made and the year and company that made them, he now can tell you each driver, his/her sponsor, the make/model of the car, and races they have won.  I totally blame technology and You Tube for this as we have watched a grand total of 2 races on TV ("watched" being a relative term) and they were both over a year ago.  I am happy he is not so fixated on trains, but I was not expecting all the work that comes with learning a new hobby.  We just watched a documentary on nascar and it was so boring...

Bike - Jeremy got a bike from Santa and he was super excited. He wears the helmet around the house and pretends to be a race car driver.  What he does not do is ride the bike.  Brian and I learned that he does not know how to pedal.  Try really quickly to describe out loud how to pedal.  Seriously, do it.  Not exactly easy is it?  How do you tell someone how to breathe?  But, for everything Jeremy picks up with ease (reading) he has other things he simply does not get (anything athletic).  So, I flipped the bike upside down, showed him the gears, how the pedals move, how the bike works, and low and behold, he rode it prefectly.  One day.  Several weeks ago.  He has refused to go near it since.  Oh well.  We'll try again in the spring.

NERF - Is this capitalized as well?  I am not good at boy.  Anyway, Jeremy was invited to a nerf war happening in the neighborhood, so we had to buy him a gun.  All the other kids were around 10 years old, so Jeremy was kinda awkward, but they were all really sweet to him.  And now he is obsessed with hanging out with his "new friends" (who, let's be honest, were just being nice and don't want to hang with a 5 year old all the time) and shooting his gun everywhere.

Independence - Mr. Jeremy has always had a slight problem with transitions.  By slight, I mean massive, embarassing, tantrum-filled.  He is obviously much better than he once was, but we were just recently warned in our latest parent/teacher meeting that we will need to speak to his kindergarten teacher before the school year starts to explain his history and his struggles with anxiety and transitions.  Fun times.  At home, this mainly manafests itself at bedtime.  Simply telling him to brush his teeth brings on immediate tears and whining.  Every. Single. Night.  Real tears.  After that, we say the word "pajamas."  How dare we.  But, we have made some strides recently in that he does put on his clothes and brush his teeth completely by himself.  The crying does not last long and it accomplishes less than nothing, but it does still happen.  We are using the "big kids who go to kindergarten don't act like this" trick, and it is helping a little bit.  But, still a struggle.  I may never figure this one out.

Kindergarten - He is SO excited about kindergarten.  Almost every day he asks me if it is August yet.  We drive past his future school twice every day and once he freaked out and told me I missed the turn and he was going to be late.  He kept saying he finished his homework and needed to take it to his new kindergarten class.  He might be legitimately nuts, but it is a cute kind of crazy.  I am not prepared for this next step in his life, but he sure is.  Kindergarten Round Up is only a few months away, and I kind of want to cry.  Plus, I now say things like "kindergarten round up" and pretend like I know what that means.  I seriously need to look it up.  Other moms keep saying it so I felt I should throw it in.  See, I am not ready for this.  Perhaps Jeremy's problem with transitions is an inherited trait...

"The Girl" coming soon.

Monday, January 21, 2013


I am a bit behind (what else is new), but here we go nonetheless.

I kept waiting for divine inspiration to randomly ignite my brain with a rush of resolutions, goals, and clear-sighted thoughts on the future.  Yeah, that never happened.  Maybe tomorrow.

So, my normal, uninspired brain will just have to do for now.  I'll let you know if things change.

My only real goals/thoughts on the new year are simple:  Enjoy it.  I have a tendency to overthink, worry, stress, create stomach aches, and freak out.  That is silly and ultimately just an enormous waste of my time.  So, instead of focusing on what I could be doing if I had the time, what I should be feeding my kids, or the life would be leading if I had the money, I am going to simply live the life I have.

And it is not too shabby a life if I do say so myself.

So, if you see or hear me freaking out over things outside my control, or worrying about my poor cleaning skills or lack of fresh vegetables on the dinner table, please tell me to calm the freak down.

My goals for the new year: hug the kids, play in the backyard, take a walk, kiss my husband, go on a picnic, watch bad movies, sing in the car, dance in the living room, write rambling blog posts, play hooky, eat chocolate, and stay in bed til noon reading a good book.  I think, for once, I may actually be able to accomplish this - and I am looking forward to it.

Gratuitous adorable kid shots, aka my favorite photos of the kids to date:

Happy 2013!

Monday, January 7, 2013

The 12th Day of Christmas

Today is the official end of the Christmas season.  Our tree is still up, our stockings still hung, our holiday jammies still snuggly.  I enjoy dragging out the Christmas season as long as humanly possible because, well, I love it.

I finally converted the sizes of all of my photos from our Hopper family celebration, so on this last day of Christmas, I can finally share the last of my Christmas pictures.  On the 23rd, we spent the day in Nashville with three and a half nephews, tons of aunts and uncles, two grandparents, and a partridge and a pear tree.
Jeremy's booty

Rob's umbrella

Graham and Kat's quilt

Graham and Kat's kids

Violet beating up Jeremy

Pretty table

best attempt at a cousin photo

Matching shirts from Nana - "obstinate head strong girl!" LOVE P&P

Violet beating up Jeremy

Daddy putting together a princess coach

Jude enjoying a princess box

Violet beating up Jeremy

Philip and Jude being cute

favorite photo of my blue eyes

Violet beating up Jeremy

Jennie and Jude being stinkingly adorable

I need a haircut (and got one a few days later)

Playing with new remote control car


Rob is very excited about something

chaos reigns


a true photo of motherhood

Christmas dress

4 boys in a row

the wonder of a Christmas cookie

3 cute gals
 For the last time this season - Merry Christmas!