Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Something Fancy

The kids in Jeremy's class each had their definition of love placed on a heart and hung up in the classroom.  Most kids said something about hugs, kisses or family.  Jeremy's was by far my favorite.

Vi and Jeremy had a lot of fun making Valentines for their classmates.  Violet drew on her arms with the marker and wouldn't let go of the princess pictures, and Jeremy tried to eat all of the candy.  But they were insanely cute while doing it.

So, after we took our store bought Valentines to school, we inevitably got back the amazing homemade Valentines from the kids with parents who have spare time and creativity.  My favorte from Violet's stash was this one from Iris.  It is a homemade card with a googly eye (get it, Iris..hee hee), a homemade hair bow (what?!) and a hand dipped chocolate covered strawberry that Violet devoured in the car before I got a photo (she is MY daughter afterall). 

My favorite from Jeremy's haul is of a different nature.  He got 5 different Thor Valentines (boys love the Avengers I guess and chance had it that he got a ton of Thor for some reason).  Then, I noticed a homemade card from one of the girls - a cut out photo from a magazine of Chris Hemsworth (the actor who plays Thor) surfing.  I laughed for a long time.  Then, I made Jeremy watch Thor (yay Netflix streaming!) since he did not even know who Thor was.  He loved the movie.  I loved spending my V-Day with a hot Hemsworth. 

Brian got me some yummy chocolates and a fun card that spoke directly to my love of Meatloaf (the singer, not the food, though I do love meatloaf the food, too). Jeremy made me a card and it is my new favorite thing ever.  Handwriting is not his strong point, so this was a really great thing to see.  The "u" is upside down, but it says I love you and he even drew me a heart.

I have a daughter, and what is the point of daughters if not to dress them up to look insane on holidays?
By the way, someone asked me why I am never in the blog.  One, I do not want to look at my ugly mug, and two when I try to get a photo with my kids this is what happens.  This was seriously the best one we got. But look, I do exist and apparently I am wearing Vi's new bow and don't have a chin.  Fun times.

And, finally, the day after Valentine's Day, I picked up the kids from school and we got stuck in campus traffic for like 30 minutes. Literally 30 minutes from the daycare to the interstate, which is a little more than 200 yards - no joke.  And you know what?  Those two kids were perfect. They laughed, sanf songs, danced in their seats, and reminded me of what love really means.  I snapped these photos from the driver seat as we sat in our fun little traffic jam.

How can you not love those little faces?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Marty the Monkey

When I picked up Jeremy from school on Friday, he almost knocked Violet and me on our butts as he flew into us with excitement.  "Look what's in my locker!  Look what's in my locker!  You will never guess what's in my locker!  It's Marty!  I get Marty!  It's my turn for Marty!"

He did not take one breath when spitting out all of that.

I vaguely remembered an email sent by the teachers way back in like September about a travelling stuffed animal that the kids would each get to take home one weekend.  I kind of thought by now I had just missed it (would not be surprising as I am clearly mom of the year around that place), but no, Jeremy was just one of the last kids to get it. 

Which basically meant the excitement has been building for this event for MONTHS. 

Oh lord.

All the way home in the car, Jeremy talked to Marty asking him if he was comfortable, if he needed anything, what he wanted to do over the weekend, and promising him that Violet would not get milk on him (what?). 

I, meanwhile, began to get nervous.  What the heck was I supposed to plan for this stuffed monkey to do?  I was given a book of what all the other kids did and we had to create a photo page for Jeremy to present on Monday morning.  I guess I would actually have to put on real clothes this weekend and pretend like I do things with my kids.


Luckily, Brian is as good a dad as I am a bad mom, so he jumped right in with some good ideas for Marty, he took all the photos, and he basically just did everything because he is awesome.  Here is what our final page looked like in the book:

I think we faked it pretty well.
Immediatley upon getting home, Jeremy posed with Marty and Mrs. Moo. 

We took Marty on a playdate to see William's new baby sister, Annie!

Marty jumped in Violet's chair and tried to eat her grilled cheese sandwich!

Jeremy insisted on setting up the tent in his room so that he and Marty could have camp-outs. Last time I set up the tent, he slept in it for 3 months.  Time will tell this time around...

She did not spill milk on him, but she did dress him up like a princess to watch Cinderella. 

And finally, we managed to teach Marty to stand upright so that he could take on Jeremy and Vi in a rousing game of wii bowling.  Jeremy won.  In case you were wondering.

We survived our weekend with Marty, Jeremy is still sleeping in the tent, Violet now dresses up other animals in princess dresses, and I am looking forward to not getting out of my pajamas next weekend since I won't have to create a photo report for my kids class. 

But, I will admit it, we do kinda miss Marty.  He was a nice addition to the family unit. 

God speed, little monkey, we wish you well.

Friday, February 8, 2013

The Girl

Oh, my little Viley Boo.  How loud you have grown.

Here is my current assessment of Violet's life status:

Princess - This single word describes Violet better than anything I can think of.  She loves her princesses (specifically Aurora, Rapunzel, Belle, Cinderella - in that order).  She reads books about them repeatedly and watches their moves without end.  And girlfriend acts like a princess.  She demands things (loudly) and does not like it when she does not get things (loudly).  She wears her princess dress a lot (we are going to need more of those) and at school she threw a fit because I made her take off the dress up skirt she had on when we went home.  She is royalty all right.

Moo - This is my favorite thing about her.  She speaks really well now (I think, I just know she is light-years ahead of Jeremy at this age) and calls us all by name, even her teachers.  However, she cannot say "Jeremy."  So, she simply calls him "Moo."  Makes perfect sense to me, as that cow has been a part of her life as much as her brother's.  I pick her up in her classroom each evening, get my hug, and she pulls my arm off as she tugs me to get Jeremy yelling "Moo!" and gives him a hug when she bursts into his classroom.  I love it.  "Mama, Dada, Moo" is my favorite "sentence" she has said.

Pink/Blue - I know I already talked about the princesses, but this really is a HUGE part of her life right now.  She loves Sleeping Beauty with a passion and her favorite part is when the fairies fight over making her dress pink or blue.  Violet says "Pink...Blue" ALL DAY LONG.  Her nightlight switches colors (you guessed it, pink and blue..and green, but she skips that one) and I can hear her in the middle of the night pressing the buttons and saying "pink" and "blue" over and over again. 

Backpack - Her other favorite thing is Dora.  Now that we have Netflix streaming (thanks Nona and Pop!) Vi has access to more than one episode of Dora the Explorer.  Map and Backpack are her best friends.  I just love the way she says "backback" and responds to Dora when she asks questions.  Dora: Do you want to find the shy rainbow?  Violet: No. (she alway says no to yes or no questions).  Dora: Who do we ask for help when we don't know where to go?  Violet: MAP!! (at  the top of her lungs).

Bath - I should have written "torture" instead of bath.  The words are interchangeable.  She just screams the whole time.  I have mastered the art of bathing her in under 2 minutes.  Which, let's be honest, just means she is kinda dirty all the time.  We had the two kids bathing together, but her fits upset our sensitive man, and he would cry on her behalf, so I have had to separate them.  Ugh.  I don't have time for this.  When does the hate-the-bath phase end??

Books - Much like her brother before her, this girl loves books.  She will read nonstop for hours.  I am not kidding.  If I actively read with her, I think we could do nothing else all day (well, except eat, she does LOVE food).  Her favorites right now are any Disney princess book featuring her favorite princesses, Pride and Prejudice board book, Elmo and Friends, The Cat in the Hat, Hop on Pop, and The Seasons.  She is actually really careful with her books as well, so only one has been torn up.  Good girl.

Nigh Nigh - I think that is how you spell that.  She does not pronounce the 't'.  Anyway, Jeremy has Mrs. Moo, and Violet has her ratty blanket.  She calls it Nigh Nigh and she carries it around with her all day.  She cannot take it to school because she throws fits over it, so it is my least favorite part of every day (worse than bathtime) when I have to pull her fingers out of the little holes in this nasty blanket and put it away.  She holds on with all her might, but I remain stronger - for now.  The blanket is currently full of gaping holes, but one of my friends at work says she can patch it up for me.  Thank goodness.

Sometimes I dress her like Cyndi Lauper
Mama - That is me.  She is obsessed with me.  I am not saying this to flatter myself.  I wish this was not the case.  I wish I could go to the bathroom without her watching.  I wish I could take a shower without her face pressed up against the glass (yes, I have shut the bathroom door, but she howls and screams and bangs so hard I am legitimately scared she will harm herself).  I wish she would allow Brian to change her diaper and dress her (he tries and she goes all Exorcist baby on him).  I wish this phase would end before I have to go to conference in a few weeks and she murders her father who only wants to love his little demon child.

School - Realistically, these people spend more time with my daughter than I do, so a shout out to Lizzie and Erin.  She loves school.  She throws a fit when I leave her because she is my stalker, but she really enjoys being at school.  She talks about "Zizzie" at home a lot.  And they are great about sending us photos and updates about what the kids are doing.  Here are a few recent ones Erin sent:
And that is my girl in a nutshell.  She is adorable and cuddly and sweet, but she sure can flip on her crazy side at the drop of a hat.  Strange, since I was such an even-tempered child and teen.   Hmm...