Thursday, April 4, 2013

Happy Easter, Peeps!

We were lucky enough to be in Memphis this year for Easter Sunday!  The kids Spring Break was that week and since they are out of school, Brian and I take off work to have family time with them.  We traveled to both Memphis and Nashville over break (which I will get to in later posts), but this is all about Easter.

One of the most awesome things about being Catholic is the unwritten rule that Fridays during Lent when you cannot eat meat are basically required days of seafood feasting.  Check out this Good Friday feast for this very hungry Catholic family.
king crab legs, shrimp, corn, cornbread, oh my!
We set the scene for the Easter Bunny by dying our eggs.  Jeremy was unimpressed with the lack of car crashes involved in dying eggs.  Vi, however, loved it.  She would pick up an egg and throw it into the water with delight, splashing us all in rainbow droplets of water.  She screamed bloody murder when we ran out of eggs and she had to stop.

Cheri made a bunny cake from scratch that puts all other bunny cakes to shame
The Bunny came to visit that night and left two awesome baskets for J and V and some fun little treat bags for everyone else in the family as well (check out the arts and crafting my mom did for the bunny on those bag tags).  Also, note that the Bunny (aka Joey) made quite a mess while eating the carrot left out  for him by the kids.

Jeremy was delighted with his haul.

The bunny hid all the plastic eggs in the house and the kids found them that morning!

Then, we all got into our Easter finest to attend mass.

That afternoon, we all went over to Great Nona's house and her HUGE yard for a big Easter Egg hunt.  Luckily, the rain stopped at noon, so by 4pm we were able to have a really great hunt!  There were about 350 eggs hidden in the yard and one golden egg with about $50 inside.  Both kids had a blast, but Vi really got into it and found over 30 eggs!!  She beat some of the adults who were hunting!  AND, she was literally THISCLOSE to finding the golden egg.  It was funny.
Vi and Jeremy with Great Nona, and Cousin Amanda with baby Nate

The golden egg is underneath her, right where she had been looking a minute before
I love Nona's backyard
my three favorite men

It was a really fun holiday and I will post the rest of our Spring Break adventures in the coming days!

Happy Easter!