Thursday, May 30, 2013

Princess Party!

So, if you have not heard, we have a little princess living in our house, and this little princess just turned two with the princessiest of all princess parties. 

After years of trains and race cars, I was kind of excited to do a party with a bit more sparkle.  It was fun - and totally inexpensive! 

I made her invitations myself with my horrid computer skills.  This is a photo converted to paint, filled in by hand (cursor?) and then pasted on top of a image I stole from a google search.  It took me 20 minutes total and I am sure any normal person who actually purchases photoshop could do it way better in less than 1 second.  But what's the fun in that.  She loved it and carried it around all day when I showed it to her.

For the party itself, we set up various stations for the kids to do crafts, etc.  Can I say enough how much I love the dollar store?  All this stuff was less than $25 total.  Insane.
Belle's Feast "Be Our Guest"

Aurora's Good Night Gifts

Cinderella's Wands "Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo"

Rapunzel's Crown "This is the best day ever!"
Dani hand made each one of these crowns from bits of lace!
Snow White's Animal Friends

Hand Painted castle by one of the crazy talented GAs I work with

I used the cake stand Cheri bought for my wedding cake to make her cupcake tower more regal.  It was beautiful.
I printed and made these cupcake toppers myself - so cheap!

So, on the morning of her party, HRH Violet Cordelia slept in until 9:15am.  Insane. 
She always sleeps like this - butt in the air, blanket wrapped around the head

She put on her princess finest and was ready to hold court.
Her favorite toy of the moment is "Pink Baby Hopper" she named it herself

She won Pin the Princess on the Castle.

She raced Princess race cars.
I found actual race cards with Cinderella and Ariel as the drivers!

She refused to look at the peasants as they sang her a song.

But happily ate the cake provided.

She met other royal princes and princesses,

Opened the gifts they betowed upon her,

And enjoyed a costume change.

The King and Queen had lots of fun and actually ended the day not too exhausted.

On her actual day of birth, the princess frolicked in her new outfit and played with her cousins - winning all feats of strength and agility (and deigning to allow them to play trains while she danced with a balloon).

She ordered the redecoration of her room to fit her new toy box and princess castle painting and, of course, her favorite new pink ball on her ceiling.
who knew recycled decorations would make for such long-term bedroom decor?
check out the dr. seuss border from her 1st birthday
And finally settled down for a snuggle with her mommy who is so proud of her little 2 year old who giggles, smiles, loves, and twirls everyday to her delight and constant amazement. 

Happy Birthday Princess Violet Cordelia!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Baseball Weekend

It rained for the 4th Saturday in a row, but we managed to get in some baseball fun nonetheless.  Jeremy told me he thinks rain is a required part of his baseball games - he simply cannot remember playing when he was not soaking wet.

Jeremy is currently playing Coach Pitch (crazy, right?) and he is getting better and better each week.  His team is really coming together.  They let each kid bat every inning since they are only 5 years-old, so this past game, we got 7 outs in one inning.  The other team parents were mad that their kids did not get to run the bases.  Sorry, our team is more awesome that your team.
Here are some photos from his latest game:

Then, we ran to the final UT Baseball homegame of the season to meet up with Teddi and her adorable children. Kids got in free and got free ice cream and drinks.  Then, our section won free hotdogs after a 3 up 3 down inning.  Awesome!  But, it began to really pour down rain so we left in the 6th. 

We ended our weekend with a birthday party at Pump It Up - after surviving a massive, albiet only 5 minute long, hailstorm on the way there.

Oh, and in one of my earlier posts I wrote about the kids attending an RA breakfast at 7am - I found the photo.  I had to buy the food and do the set up, so I pulled them out of bed before 6am, hence their pajamas.  Jeremy also had strep throat at the time.  Good parenting all around!

Have a great week!!

Friday, May 17, 2013

"Big Girl" Bed

I simply cannot believe that I am planning a princess-themed birthday party for a 2 year-old girl.  I just can't.
More on this photoshop mess later...
I was on the phone for a reference check for one of our amazing GAs today and my office computer went to the screensaver, which is a slideshow of my pictures.  This popped up when I turned my head:

That was in August at RA training when I took the kids to the RA Olympic Ceremonies (yes, my job is super strange and yes they are eating cookies off the ground in the middle of a courtyard on a college campus - what? I never said I was a perfect mom).   I let them announce the RA Games over the intercom at Tom Black Track.  Fun times.

I just could not believe that was less than a year ago.  Look at that chunky monkey baby girl.  When and how and who allowed her to turn 2?!

I am slowly coming to terms with her birthday party, and then she had to go and throw another wrench in my she-will-always-be-my-baby plans:

She fell out of the crib. 


We officially could not ignore it any longer or she would get hurt and the conversation in my head of explaining that to the hospital did not go so well ("Well, Doctor, she fell out of her crib.  We were not worried because she has fallen out loads of times before and not even a scratch - I guess I should have moved the pointy toys out from her landing path, huh?  Wait, why is this police officer here?  I'm innocent!  I swear!").  Anyhoo...

Brian (again being the better parent) converted her crib into the weird toddler bed version of itself.  I say weird because what the heck is a toddler bed?  And why is the toddler bed too high for my toddler to crawl into on her own causing me to put a metal step stool against it creating yet another disturbing scenario/conversation with Child Protective Services in my head?


She has now had several nights in the Big Girl (not really, since it is a toddler not a twin) Bed.  I keep trying to take a photo of her in the bed, but she is always standing at the door or reading books at her bookshelf when I walk in in the morning.  I do believe she does sleep in it, though. 

I think. 

Who knows?

So here we are. She is not even 2 years old and she has forced my hand to remove her baby cage.  I have a feeling when she is 16 and sneaking out of the house I will remember this moment as some sort of precursor. 
Oh well.  Look at that sleepy smile (and awesome bed hair).  She seems to like it.  (if she does in fact sleep in it...)  I guess I must accept that she is growing up...and move that step stool.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Mother of Two Kids

The mother of two kids should wake up on Mother's Day to the giggles of a boy trying to be quiet but not quite succeeding as he giggles and "tip toes" into the room.

The mother of two kids should eat a yummy breakfast of her favorite cinnamon rolls while in bed reading Harry Potter with two sticky kids playing hide and seek in the covers and therefore creating a breakfast hazard at any moment.

The mother of two kids should have a lovely husband who creates "coupons" for things like "eating an entire bag of Cheetos with no judgment" and "a night out with friends or time in bed reading alone or other such acts of irresponsibility while your husband watches the kids".  Which she loves. 

The mother of two kids will recieve hand picked flowers from the front yard slightly crushed from a sweaty and sticky almost 2 year-old palm.

The mother of two kids will tuck a tiny handprint away in her secret box and mourn the years of slightly smaller handprints that are now long gone.

The mother of two kids should eat a feast prepared by said husband of her favorite dishes cooked perfectly.

The mother of two kids will enjoy said meal while two children who shall remain nameless whine about not eating green beans and ruin their steaks with ketchup.

The mother of two kids should spend hours attempting to get photographic evidence that the three of them do in fact exist together in one photograph. To no avail. 

The mother of two kids will go to bed at the end of Mother's Day full of love and happy that her sticky breakfast, goofy coupons, crushed flowers, precious handprint, noisy dinner, and uniquely crazy kids are all hers.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Work, work work!

I think this may have been my longest blogging hiatus ever.  I feel bad about that, but to be honest, I have been too busy to really even notice.  We have a lot of things going on at work at the moment, and I am just not the type of person who is capable of saying no.  Nor do I turn in half-done work.  Nor do I leave my work in the office.  So, things like blogging have gone by the wayside.  But, I do miss it, and despite the fact that I am still insanely busy right now, I am pulling together a quick post and promising more.

So, in the theme of work, my lovely RAs banded together for an area-wide program (that means all 6 of the residence halls that I supervise came together to plan one joint event).  This was a goal the RAs set with me at the beginning of the year and I am super proud to say they successfully completed not one, but THREE area wide events.  The most recent was a tournament called "Play for a Cure" (click on the link and it will take you to the RA blog I run and you can see my lovely RAs in action). 

The tournament took place over a weekend, so I grabbed the kids and we headed on over to help raise some money for St. Jude. 
Violet LOVED bowling.

I dress up nicely when I work weekends.

Jeremy is an amazing cheerleader.

She loved to just plop down and push the ball.  They were nice enough to give us bumpers.

How adorable is that kid.  Don't worry, we got him a haircut!

There was tons of pizza and Vi possibly ate more than any other single person there - including many college boys.

Jeremy and Daddy entering the ping pong tournament.

Jeremy and Maddox

I was slightly obsessed with the tiny bowling shoes - SO cute!

I found her hiding behind the main desk eating more pizza.

How excited are these kids?  Love them.
It was so much fun, and Jeremy and Violet really like hanging out with the college kids when they get the chance.  I don't have photos because I have been too busy to charge my camera (no joke), but they also recently attended the RA Banquet (Vi took center stage a few times while I was presenting awards) and cheered Housing to victory in our annual softball game against UTPD.  They got up at 5am to pick up the food for our annual new RA Initiation Breakfast (and took the Fainting Goat pledge, no less).  Basically, I love that my kids are flexible and that my job is cool with them tagging along to events outside of normal working hours.

I promise to make the time to post more often, so don't give up on us yet!!