Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Family Visits

In preparation for and during Violet's birthday weekend, we had a number of wonderful family members come to see us in Knoxville.  We are blessed with some really amazing people on both sides of our family!  It is so much fun to see how excited Jeremy and Violet get when we say things like "Aunt Dani" or "Philip" - we usually keep it a secret that people are coming because Jeremy in particular cannot seem to contain his excitment for days on end. 

Here are a few fun photos of recent visits:
Naturally, when my family arrived, we had to immediately run out and see the new Star Trek movie in 3-D.  We are just nerds that way.  Dan and I are shockingly beautiful.
Dani was so helpful prepping for the party!
Pete playing baseball in our backyard during the party.

Philip "won" the croquet game at least 5 times.
My mom is just the best.  They love her.  I love her.  The whole world loves her.
I have three photos of my dad with Viley because they are all perfect. 
Brian and Graham (who shares his birthday with Miss Violet) grilled all the food for the party guests.
This is actually old and in Nashville, but how cute are all (minus 1.5) of the Hopper cousins all lined up eating lunch?  The table won't hold them all anymore with two more little boys fighting for space up there soon.
Finally, several months ago, Joey and Megan also came to visit with us (and brought one of their dogs - which the kids LOVED).  They are huge favorites in our house, and I really don't know why I have not posted this awesomely horrible photo before, but here are my monsters crawling all over their poor aunt and uncle - as well as a few shots of them on a walk (with the dog), and the kid table they always get to eat at when we have guests.

Family is fun, and we love them!  Luckily, we are closing in on July 4th when each year we get to take a nice chunk of time to spend with those we love!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day!

Days like this are getting more and more fun as Jeremy gets older and gets excited about giving gifts and surprises to other people.  He made a handprint for Brian at school and on Saturday morning he came bursting into our bedroom with it in his hand so excited to give it to Daddy.  Luckily, he was not upset when I told him he was a day early and needed to hold off another 24 hours.

To celebrate the amazingness that is our Dad this year, we saved up some money the last few months and bought him the gadget he has been wanting - a trimmer for the yard!  I wish someone could have been with me and the kids at Lowes as I made a total fool out of myself trying to talk to the salesman about what we wanted (and this was after I talked to my boss to get details so that I wouldn't sound like an idiot - yeah, that worked wonders).  We surprised him with the trimmer at breakfast and he loved it!

Jeremy finally got to give him his handprint (this is what happens when I tell Jeremy to smile for a picture):

And Violet wore her new "rad like dad" shirt sent by Aunt Jennie (I have one of her facing forward, but this was too perfect.  She is telling off Ariel and Rapunzel - because, yes, they are real people and were bothering her):

Jeremy's latest strep case (more on this later as his surgery approaches...) is under control, so we opted for water day in the backyard as our fun Dad-Day activity.  These kids really do love to play in this silly blow up pool (thanks Joey and Megan!). 


They were racing and running to jump into the pool from the edge of the yard.  Violet (who is always in charge) would yell at the top of her lungs "Ready?  Ready? GOOOO!"

Jeremy made a point of saying I had to post a photo of the splashes.  So, here you go Mr. Jeremy:

And no water day is complete without popsicles for two handsome men:

And dry-clothes snuggles for two happy girls:

My siblings and I are celebrating Father's Day with a baseball game in July, so I will post that later, but a shot-out to MY awesome Dad is totally necessary.  I love you, Daddy!!!

Happy Father's Day!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Weekend O Fun

We had a nice weekend after a rather yuck week.  The rain held off enough for us to have some fun in the backyard sun!  It was the first weekend in several months where we had no plans at all: no baseball, no birthday parties, no travel.  It was nice to be able to hang out with the kids in a non-frantic way.
We had a sleep on the floor camp-out style movie night with Monsters Inc and a big bowl of popcorn well past everyone's bedtime.

We ran errands to buy some new swimwear after we realized Jeremy's swim trunks are a 3T (he is so skinny they kinda still fit) and Violet's suit is downright indecent.  (One of my current favorite things is how she always wants to wear her "baby soup")
Quick note on this photo as I try to capture a moment in time: Violet loves her accessories and wears her sungalsses and necklace ALL THE TIME.  She is also clutching her Mulan doll - this is because they are obsessed with that movie and demand we listen to "I'll Make a Man out of You" on repeat anytime we are in the car.  Jeremy sings and Vi dances - it is hilarious.

And we pulled out the pool and slip n slide for our first backyard water day of the summer! 

It was really fun comparing how they play this year to last year.  Violet totally took control of the hose and dictated the play in her oh-so-lovely dominating way.  Jeremy's awkwardness on the slip n slide is long gone as he totally rocked that thing.  Look how much they have changed!

We had a lot of fun...the kind of fun that made Monday morning a sad day for us all.  But, there is always next weekend and more adventures to be had!

Monday, June 3, 2013

End of a Season

Jeremy's second year of baseball has come to a close.  He really enjoyed playing this year, and I enjoyed being the mother of a player much more this year as the kids began to actually gain and use some baseball skill and Violet was not a baby this time around.  Jeremy does not knock one over with his prowess at the plate or in the field, but he improved a lot, made some good plays, and most importantly, he had a lot of fun.

After the last game, we had a team party at Ben and Elizabeth's house and the kids enjoyed the slip n slide, trampoline, and a cookout. 

Little sisters enjoyed it, too!

Jeremy got another trophy to add to his collection! 

We had a great season with a fun group of kids and I am glad Jeremy is learning sportsmanship, teamwork, and discipline at such a young age.  He struck out a fair few times, messed up in the field, was caught talking smack to an oppsing player on base, and learned some good lessons - all with a great attitude, of which I am immensely proud.  I am not sure how the sports thing works in kindergarten/elementary school, but I hope to keep him on this community team for another few years. 

I have not gotten his official team photos yet, so I will post those when I do!

**I just got an iPhone and I am still learning how to use the camera effectively, so sorry these are a bit wonky.