Monday, July 29, 2013

1st Running of the Hopper House Obstacle Course!

Sooo, I was bored.

Brian and I were looking for ways to get our kids out of the house (for free) and this came to me.  Most of my childhood was spent making huge messes that my mom later had to clean up (sorry about that!), ranging from Double Dare obstacle courses to fully realized and recorded movies (with sets, costumes, scripts, etc).
Once I got started, it was like riding a bike.

For posterity: The 1st Official Running of the Hopper House Obstacle Course was Sunday, July 28th at 1pm.  Enjoy our free nerdiness:

Obstacle 1: Race a riding toy down the driveway!

Obstacle 2: Hopscotch

Vi tied her hardest

Obstacle 3: jump over hurdles in the front yard

the hurdles had to be super low so tiny legs could make it over

Obstacle 4: throw stuffed animals into the bag

Obstacle 5: hit a baseball

Obstacle 6: put together a puzzle

Obstacle 7: Race a car down the track

And Jeremy is the winner!

It was supposed to end with a jump in our blow-up pool or a slide down the slip n slide, but the kids got too excited to wait, so we will save that for next time.  Are you jealous you missed it?  Any suggestions for other obstacles that would work for both a 5 year old and a 2 year old?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The REAL Royal Baby

So, there was this kid born the other day and it was cool and all, but I just don't think that little guys holds a candle to my little girl.

Move over Prince of Cambridge, here comes the Princess of America!

Viley is currently fully immersed in being 2 years old.  She is both terrible and wonderful all at once.  This is what I love (hate) about two.  She is learning language in huge increments, her awareness of others and desire to interact with them is increasing dramatically.  She has an actual personality now - and it is hilariously cute!  However, she is also rotten.  Rotten, rotten, rotten.  Girl can throw down in any parking lot (and has done so in most), can slam those little fists into gravel, pavement, tile, you name it.  Her screams reach levels I never though possible, and her strength can knock down a professional athlete - especially if he tries to put her in a car seat.  The mere act of putting her to bed should require protective padding on my part.  She kicked me so hard in the temple as I attempted to give her a good night kiss the other night that I literally saw stars and flashes of light.  I was temporarily stunned  - then had to remind myself not to kill my child.

Her favorite sayings at the moment would be:

  • "Ooohhh, okay." - her answer to any question
  • "Moo sick" - her description of Jeremy's tonsillectomy (she still calls him Moo all the time)
  • "Pink Hoppa happy/sad" - she loves to tell us how her doll is feeling (pink hopper is the name of her baby)
  • "Poo poo?" - she loves to sit on the potty, but does not do anything - she just knows if she says poo poo, we will stop what we are doing and clap for her on the potty.  Rotten.
  • "Butt waga" - she was drinking bath water and I told her to stop because her butt was in that water and she thought it was hilarious and kept saying butt water repeatedly
  • "WAGA DAY!" - she loves when we do "water day" at home or school - she can only scream this, though, there is no quiet version of this saying
  • "baby soup" - this is bathing suit.  We do water day A LOT, so her baby soups get a lot of action
  • "mama back" - I think she has finally grasped the whole parents-always-come-back idea, so every time I see her after I have been gone for a day (or a minute), she yells this at me
  • "dada house" - when we drive home from school, Vi gets very excited as we enter the neighborhood and starts dancing in her seat saying dada house over and over again.  I wonder where my house is?
  • any combo of princess names "beau beast" (beauty and the beast), "ish-la" (cinderella), "maid" (little mermaid), "rora betu" (aruroa/sleeping beauty hybrid), "puntzel" (rapunzel), "kippy bells" (tinker bell), "mama" (jasmine - that one cracks me up), "white" (snow white), etc.
  • "books" - she still loves books and that makes me happy.  Her favorites are "peju" (pride and prejudice - hells yeah), "monkey bed" (5 little monkeys jumping on the bed), "bear hunt" (we're going on a bear hunt) "elmo!" (can refer to any sesame street book), "peegs" (3 little pigs), and of course any princess book referred to by their princess names 
  • "mata cart" - this is mario cart on the wii - she LOVES to watch Jeremy play and demand that he be peach instead of mario
  • she also knows most, if not all, of her letters and can identify the numbers 1-10.  She is pretty smart, I think, but I forget what is "normal" at this age.

She is so many things right now that I suppose I don't blame her for being insane.  Anyway, here is a random collection of photos of Miss Violet being, well, Violet.
Vi loves a good tea party.  This has been a fun thing to see after having Jeremy - boys and girls really do like different things.  I never introduced the idea to her, she just got it as a gift (thanks Rob and Jennie!) and never looked back!

Every day when we get home from school, she climbs into "mama seat" and drives the car for like 20 minutes.
Every. Day.
Two new loves: Mickey Mouse and Jeremy's bed.

Jeremy is not as thrilled at her new found love for his bed, but he does like to tickle fight with her.

Girl LOVES the bath.  This is her clinging to the last drops of water as the tub drains. She refuses to get out until there is literally no more water left to play with.

Sums up Vi in a nutshell: princess dress and food.  Plus, her eyes look so blue!
I realize this next series is excessive, but her love of watermelon knows no bounds and these are just the funniest Violet pictures I have ever captured.  See that little personality??

 I do love a sticky, rotten, royal girl.  I love you to pieces even though you sometimes kick me in the head so hard I got a concussion and embarrass me in public with massive tantrums.  The 5% of the time when you are perfect more than makes up for the 95% of the time when you are totally nuts. Keep on being you!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Yucky Tonsils

Thursday was Jeremy's big day!  He had his second surgery, and since his first was such a success, we did not freak out nearly as much as I would have thought.

Our little man has been plagued by sore throats and strep every single month for about 6-7 months now: fevers that spike to 106 degrees, pustules on his tonsils that even I can see with my naked eye, and TONS of missed school (and work for me and Brian).  So, we decided to go ahead and remove the tonsils and adenoids before he starts real school and get this boy healthy again!

He was nervous leading up to our appointment, and the night before he asked me if he had to go to the hospital in an ambulance.  I knew he was scared, but he would never admit it and was SO BRAVE when we got there.  I was seriously impressed.

Our little man pre-surgery:

Notice how Mrs. Moo (who is not allowed to leave the house much anymore) was welcomed along by the hospital staff.  This is also Mrs. Moo's second surgery, and I know it is silly, but it really does make me feel better since I could not be with him in the operating room to know that Mrs. Moo has got his back when I am not around.

They gave him some "happy juice" to calm his nerves.  I have a silly little video we took of him, and while it is not as funny as some internet sensations out there, it is rather cute.  Naturally, I used my iPhone instead of my flip and I cannot get the stupid thing to upload on blogger.  Grrr.  If you want to see it, just tell me next time you see me.  :)

The surgery was a success!  The doc said Jeremy's tonsils were huge and inflamed (and he is not even sick at the moment), so he was happy we made the decision to get them out.  (I know this is disgusting, but the nurse wisely noted that Jeremy was smart - he was telling her all about the small intestine - so she made a note for them to keep them so Jeremy could study them).

Anesthesia and Jeremy are not best pals and he has had some tough moments with both of his experiences so far, but while he vomited 4 times and could not seem to wake up properly for over 2 hours, he is fine now and very much enjoying his ice cream and popsicle haze!

My absolute favorite part of the experience, though?

Mrs. Moo came back from surgery and the hole on her face (created by simply too much love) was all patched up by the amazing staff at the Children's Hospital!  How cute is that?  Jeremy was so excited!

Overall, it was a good experience and he is healing well.  We especially like his current Muppet voice that I am told will go away soon...I hope.  I am just so proud of my brave little man.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Random Baseball Pics

So, I realize I have closed the book on Jeremy's baseball season on the blog already, but as this serves as my official baby book, photo album, and family memory keepsake place, I need to document his photos.

We just got these in the mail about a week ago, well after the season ended, so it was a fun surprise when they showed up - we totally forgot we even ordered them!

Anyway, how precious is my man?  He is one of the only kids who wore high socks because I am a nerd, but isn't it way cuter?  What can I say?  I love a good throwback look when it comes to baseball.  Oh, and there was a girl on his team, she was out of town for the photos, I wish she could have been there to show the abundant diversity of our team.  ;)

He seriously looks way older than he really is.  *Cue the freaking out about kindergarten and his determination to grow and mature despite my protestations.*

Monday, July 8, 2013

Travelling Through Tennessee

This past holiday week, we took the kiddos and headed out from East Tennessee, stopped in Middle Tennessee, and ended up in West Tennessee.  We had a great time visiting with family, so here are a few pictures and notes on our Tennesse adventure!

Our stop in Nashville was short since we rotate the 4th of July and were there last year, but we did stay the night with Nana and Grandaddy and had a blast!

Precious family of Hoppers!!

Hanging out in Memphis a random collection of fun.  With the Hootenany and Shindig already documented, here are some other fun times we had.
First Memphis stop?  Yolo!

Vi made a HUGE mess
Aunt Cheri's boots are always a favorite

At the playground across the street from Pop and Nona's house

Testing out the new pool Nona bought.
This kid loves to bowl!

This is how Violet acted THE ENTIRE TRIP.  I am so proud of her.
Mom, Dani, and I had a girls night one evening and left all the men and kids at home.  We went to drinks and a movie at Overton Square in midtown and it was so much fun!
Only day I brushed my hair the whole trip.  Love vacation!

How beautiful are my mom and sister?  We really missed Cheri, who was in Portugal for a conference.

My cape cod and fancy food at Local: lobster tacos, duck quesadilla, fried calamari

Not really sure how the movie was plot-wise, but sexy-man-in-no-shirt-wise, it was AMAZING.

On our last night in town, we took my dad to a Redbirds game (versus the Nashville Sounds!) for Father's Day and a fireworks show.  It was so much fun and I took way too many pictures. 
Oh, Memphis.

My brother looks like that in every photo ever.  Megan is a good woman to marry him.

Jeremy's dance earned him a spot on the Jumbo Tron!  He was so excited and adorable!

Redbirds win 7-2!

It's a motley crew - unfortuntaly, Brian took the photo, but he was there, I promise!
We had a wonderful time on our trip, but we definitely had a huge sigh of relief and happiness to get back to our own beds Sunday night!