Friday, December 27, 2013


We had a really lovely Christmas this year!  We went to Nashville for a few hours on the 21st and played with the cousins, then we focused on having some fun at home. We are certainly a very blessed little family!
This was the photo from our Christmas cards.  I made these for work (I really do have a strange job) and the kids loved them.

They were SO excited to get that tree up!

Hide and seek!

Mommy's robe is her favorite thing.

Shark attack!!

Baking a cake for Santa - because he gets too many cookies already.

Our Christmas feast!

Fancy dinner for four.

Fancy lady's table manners. 

In their Christmas jammies ready for the big guy to come!

He came!  And he told me that putting together those tracks was a nightmare.  Poor Santa!

My Little Pony and a castle for the little princess.

Mommy and daddy got some love as well!

SO excited!

He was shaking he was so happy.

This is as far away from her pony she has been since she got it.  LOVE.

The girls.

Loves his planes.

This track is seriously awesome.

So is this castle.

Trying to shove a Barbie Cinderella into the coach designed for a Lego Cinderella.  No luck.

Shark books!

Checking out the new LeapPad for Violet!
I realize in looking at all of this that I missed capturing so many moments!  I didn't get the kids dressed up for church (funny story - Violet lasted 5 minutes in Mass before Brian took her home).  The pics I took of them walking in to see it all for the first time were so blurry they were worthless.  And I didn't take any of them actually opening presents.  Oops.  My only excuse is that we were having so much actual fun that I did not even think about it.  They were so into Christmas  this year, it really felt magical.  Sure, we seriously contemplated putting some coal in Violet's stocking along with her toys as a warning, but overall, they were so happy, excited, and fun.  Merry Christmas!!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013!

Hmm, remember Thanksgiving?  Yeah, I got busy, but here it is!

We went to Nashville and had a lovely time hanging with the Hoppers and even got to celebrate Brian's birthday while we were there.

Spending time with our Nashville relatives really means one main thing: cousins!  We are up to 7 grand kids on that side of the family, and I am quite sure more are still coming (not from me!).

I love this one.  Kids are so predictable.
We took the kiddos to the park to let them run around and I shockingly discovered that my son does not know how to swing.  I am a failure as a parent.  And, he is also the most uncoordinated person ever.  Lucky he is so cute.

Finally, we celebrated Brian's birthday at his favorite place: Chuck E Cheese!!  Oh, poor Brian.  But, the kids had a blast!  It was Jeremy and Violet's first time there, and they were so great until we had to leave.  Then, they both turned into their natural form: monsters.  It was so bad that I had to grab Violet off the floor as she was kicking and screaming and I tripped over Brian's foot and completely sprawled out on the floor in front of a million kids and parents.  I love my kids, I really do, but sometimes I just don't like them.  But, rest assured, two minutes later, they were sweet again and my murderous rage subsided.

Sorry it took me so long to get this post up, but we did have a wonderful Thanksgiving in Nashville!!