Monday, September 15, 2014

A Hopper Weekend

We almost didn't make it since the plague decided to run through our house, but we did indeed trek to Nashville for a random weekend of fun.

We stayed with Nana and Granddaddy and had a blast!  I am horrible and took hardly any pictures during the entire trip.  Oops.  Suffice to say, the weekend was filled with yummy food, games, fun, and love -  you know, all the stuff we have come to expect from our awesome grandparents!  (When we told Vi we were headed to Nashville she was so excited to eat "Nana's cake!")

We met Uncle Graham, Aunt Katherine, Philip, Pete, and Tommy for the TN Vintage Base Ball game (yay!) at Carnton Plantation.  It was a tournament and we saw the Knoxville Holstons play the Oak Hill Travellers.  Knoxville lost, but we had fun in the perfectly cooler weather while the adults attempted to watch the game and the kids wrestled like maniacs.

Oh, and after my original blog post about the vintage base ball league, this happened on twitter!  I am famous!

I tweeted again after this game and the Commissioner told me to find him at the next game we attend and he will get me free shirts!  See, I told you these guys are super nice!

Anyway, Sunday morning, we all met up at Nana and Grandaddy's church.  Shockingly, 2 grandparents, 6 parents, and 7 grandkids all fit on one pew in a long line.  It was insane, but no parents had a nervous breakdown so I would call it a success.

Jeremy also got super impressed by some old Army photos of Granddaddy and they took some time to explore his Tank Encylopedia and watch some artillery documentary (or something like that - I totally did not watch).

We had a great time playing with the Hoppers (and a great time settling down hyperactive kids with the iPad) and can't wait to come visit again!

We can, however, wait forever before repeating the horrible drive home wherein Miss Violet decided to get into a fight with the sun for shining on her without her permission (yes, you read that correctly).  Basically, I love my daughter but I do not like her very much sometimes.  I really think that if Brian was not there, I may have seriously contemplated opening the car door and just letting her walk home.  3 hours of non-stop exorcist-style screaming.  Justifiable in court, I am sure of it.

The only five minutes of silence the entire drive:

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Chore Chart

We started using a sticker chart for Violet's potty training efforts (more on that later - I can't bring myself to even talk about it right now - I might cry - or punch something).  Jeremy got jealous that Violet was able to do work to earn a treat, and asked if he could have a chore chart.

I was so excited that he actually asked for one.  At first I thought he wanted a chart for using the bathroom (ridiculous), but he explained that he would do chores on his.  Lovely.  I am glad it was his idea, since Brian and I were planning this anyway and were worried about his buy-in.

So, I googled and searched and ended up making my own.  I think it is pretty good.

It had to be fairly simple since he is only 6 and I want him to succeed.  We will make them progressively harder as he gets older.  I actually started with him sweeping the kitchen and doing more actual chores, but to be honest, it was too much work on me and Brian, so we scaled back a little. I tried to focus on things he needs to be pushed to do sometimes (handwriting, bathroom etiquette, picking up toys).

He finished his first week with great success!  He did not do everything but he did over 85%, which is our standard for earning his prize, which this week he decided was a NASCAR car.  Our rule is that his "prize" can't be more than $5 in value.

He was SO excited.  He would check that chart multiple times a day and got really upset if he saw he missed something.  Luckily, he did make it the first week and now he is the lucky owner of a Joey Leggano racecar.  I have no idea if I spelled that person's name right, and I am way too lazy to look it up.  Suffice to say, he is apparently a race car driver.  As you can see, he won a race on Jeremy's bed in a photo finish with Danica Patrick (the girl race car driver he lets Vi play with).

Congrats to our big man who has now joined the throng of people who actually have to work to earn something.  The glory days are gone, my friend.  Welcome to adulthood.  :)