Thursday, February 27, 2014

Shark Attack!!

I mentioned in Jeremy's birthday post that he is currently obsessed with sharks.  I realize now that I have not really delved into this current obsession of his via the blog.  So, here goes...

It all started a few month back (maybe October?) when he discovered the vast number of documentaries that can be found on Netflix via the Wii.  Jeremy being Jeremy, he would much prefer a documentary to a cartoon.  So, he began with squids.  We learned all there is to know about squids.  Did you know they have blue blood?  And their brains are doughnut-shaped, hence they are really dumb?

Anyway, squids quickly turned into sharks once he realized sharks are way cooler and scarier.  His thoughts of a squid Halloween costume vanished and in its place, he wanted to be a shark.  You may remember I turned him into Peter Pan Shark, which incidentally is what Violet thinks is Peter Pan's actual full name.

Back to the point: Jeremy freaking loves sharks.  He has been reading National Geographic books on them - no joke, like some of them are not made for kids of any age, they are straight up shark encyclopedias.  He has models, toys, Legos, and stuffed versions.  And he loves them all.  I asked Violet who she loves the other night (I am trying to get her interested in bed time prayers, long story) and she said, "I love Jeremy and he loves sharks."  She knows if she wants him to play with her, she needs to be willing to let her ponies and princesses be attacked by sharks.  They have recently learned that mermaids and sharks might possibly co-exist in harmony, so we have a current mermaid love in the house from the girl.

Btw, he has watched documentaries and shows ranging from shark autopsies, behind the scenes of Jaws (which he has never actually seen - we are not totally horrible parents), deadliest shark attacks, megalodon tales, mythbusters shark themed episodes, etc.  However, he only made it about 10 minutes into Sharknado (my mom's doing) before he ran off scared.  I think he has a purely scientific interest in them, which I find quite lovely.

So, as his gift for his birthday, we got him tickets to the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga, and Brian took him back in December.  Vi and I stayed home, because really, what could ruin a day studying your favorite sea life more than a tantrum from your baby sister?  The boys had a blast and daddy took tons of photos!  Enjoy!

Monday, February 17, 2014


Just a little taste of the love hopping around our home:

Valentine's Day was a blast.  I actually found shark-themed candy boxes.  What?!  Brian made us a lovely steak and lobster dinner, and we had a nice time just hanging out together.

Speaking of hanging out, due to the snowy weather, the kids have had a bunch of "pajama days" and we built a big fort in the living room (it is much bigger than it looks in the photos) and the spent most of the day playing in there.  I love that they are actually siblings now - playing and fighting on a constant basis.

We have also given in to their requests for slumber parties on non-school nights.  It is hilarious to hear them bickering all night long.  Upside: they sleep in in the mornings.

Vi has been spending lots of time at my office recently (especially when I work Sundays because my job is insane).  Shockingly, though, she is really well behaved and loves dressing up for "work" with her backpack and lunchbox and dresses.

I finally got braids in her hair!

This seems kind of Violet-heavy, so I will recount Jeremy's trip to the aquarium next post.  (Why do I feel insanely guilty if I feature one kid more than the other?  Do you other moms ever feel strange about accidental stuff like that?)