Monday, March 10, 2014

Enjoying the Kids

Sometimes I find that I get too stressed about work, money, future, etc that I forget to stop and enjoy what is happening right in front of my face.  I worked so much last weekend that I cannot even tell you one thing I did with my kids.  Not one.  And I only see them on weekends (unless you count the one hour I see them on weekdays that consists of dinner, forced baths, forced teeth brushing, and tantrums at bedtime).

And next weekend I will be at yet another work conference and will not see them at all.  :(

This past weekend, I decided we were going to have some fun.  Let's pretend we actually have the time and money to do something and actually do it.

So, we did.

We started with Frozen.  Apparently every kid in the universe has already seen this movie at least once.  This was Violet' second time in a movie theatre, and Jeremy's third.  (movies are freaking expensive!)  It was fun and the kids very much enjoyed the movie (and the popcorn and candy).
We wouldn't pay $800 for the machines at the arcade, so they used their imagination.  

Full Belle dress and crown for the princess at the princess movie.  She was SO excited.

Jeremy really loved the snowman.
Vi tried to get in to watch it again while the boys were in the restroom.  No luck.

From there we headed downtown to the annual Friends of the Library used book sale.  Stacks of books as far as the eye can see!  We got 12 hardback books for under $8.  Jeremy and Violet had a great time sorting through the kids books, but even they can only read old books for so long and eventually I looked up and saw Jeremy chasing Violet through the aisles.  "But, she was escaping, mom.  I had to catch her and keep her safe."  Sure, Jeremy.
This is what happens when I try to take a nice photo of my kids.  How do other parents do that?

Get her!  (yet another parenting win as a snap a photo rather than stopping my kids from sprinting through the room)

Clearly seeing the kids needed to let out some energy, we ditched daddy with the books and headed right outside the sale to the World's Fair Park playground.  I never really take the kids to the playground (that is Brian's thing), so I learned a lot.  I learned that Jeremy liked to go up slides the wrong way and that Violet is bossy and pushes other kids in an effort to keep up with her brother.  Hmm.

Then, we strolled around downtown to Market Square to get some Rita's Italian ice (Jeremy) and custard (Violet).  They actually did not make huge messes and were decently behaved.  It was rather amazing.

We dropped in on one of my old RA's local store Nothing Too Fancy to say hi, but she was not there.  Her new vintage WWF (wrestling, not wildlife) game machine was, though, and the kids were highly impressed.  (Check out Lisa's store for locally made TN and Knoxville merchandise.  It is crazy cute and she is awesome).

It was a great day, and we had a lot of fun.  As a family.  No talk of work, bills, or chores ever came up even once.  The kids were hilarious, and I had a great time remembering how important it is to leave work at work and enjoy the little blessings that make all the hard work and sacrifice worth it.