Thursday, April 30, 2015

Book Fest!

A few weeks ago, after one of Jeremy's 5ks (more on that in a later post), Brian and I took the kids and hit up the Farragut Library Book Fest.  We have wanted to go to this for years, but we always have plans.  We were hoping to get some cheap used books and maybe make a craft.  What we actually got was 3 hours of free food, lots of cheap books, tons of crafts, shows, and fairy tales told by princesses!

Brian was excited to buy 20 books for $6.  Jeremy was excited for the magic show and to answer the constant questions about his just-completed Color Run (he was covered in colored powder-paint and looked crazy).  Violet was in absolute heaven when she discovered the Disney Princess jackpot.

We met Elsa.



And more.  Each princess read from her fairy tale, which was really sweet. These are high school drama kids. Belle was the best at performing (I am an expert at critiquing this after years of watching my talented sister).  She incorporated the songs from the movie and read from a gold-leaved book.  It was impressive.  Rapunzel, not so much, but I appreciate that she was cute and did it at all. Violet was even incorporated into the Peter Pan and Wendy sketch.

At one point when Ariel was reading, Violet stood up and demanded Cinderella.  It was hilarious (in a I-am-so-embarrassed kind of way).

She also decorated a cookie, and made a flower craft.

Jeremy loved the magic show that lasted an hour (seriously?!  I was so bored).

It was a fabulous festival, and we hope to have many more to come as the summer months begin!  (This was a very Violet-centric post, but I promise the next one is all about Jeremy and his new passion for 5ks!)

Friday, April 10, 2015

Easter Fun!

I love Spring and when Easter falls at a time when it actually feels and looks like Spring, I am one happy lady!  Luckily, this year was beautiful, so we took full advantage of all the fun happening around us.

First up, Uncle Joey and Aunt Megan stopped by on their way back to Memphis from visiting a certain baby in New York.  Jeremy and Violet LOVE Joey and Megan.  Like LOVE. When they left, Violet begged to go home with them.  She literally looked at me and said she loved Megan more than me and wanted to go live with her.  Hmpf.

reading to the babies - the blonde one is named Penelope :)

Uncle Joey is the best at bedtime stories - ignore Jeremy's room mess

I can't blame them, though.  My little brother and his lovely wife are pretty awesome.

Then, we hit up the annual Eggstravaganza on campus.  It is hosted by our student leaders in Housing (The National Residence Hall Honorary, NRHH), so I knew all the great students running the event.  They do a great job to make sure it is a fair hunt and every kid gets prizes and eggs.  I love them.

cotton candy!!

painting crafts

our awesome student leaders with popcorn, cotton candy, treats, games, and fun!

Every kid was able to find a golden egg that corresponded to a prize on the table.  Jeremy won a packet of tablets that turn into dinosaurs (which he loved) and Violet won the Frozen scooter.  Of course she did.  What the heck.  I worry sometimes that they do this when I am there simply because the students know my kids.  But, she loved it and there was no way I was going to take it away after Austin presented it to her.

Later that week, we had a neighborhood egg hunt with the kids in our little cul de sac.  It was so much fun!  We have a ton of kids in our little historic neighborhood and I love that every day we just see kids running around and riding bikes all over the place.  The moms planned a lovely picnic and hunt for the little kids and the big kids (the teenagers) hunted eggs with money in them in the cemetery by our houses.  We had an awesome time.  Sara helped Violet work on riding her new scooter, and Kaitlin (who is in Jeremy's class at school) helped him ride his bike when one of the dad's removed his training wheels on a whim (more on that later).
LOVE our little old neighborhood

dying eggs

stealing a neighbor's sweet ride


For actual Easter Sunday, the bunny came and left fun baskets for the kids.  We subscribe to the "if it doesn't fit in a basket, it does not belong as an Easter treat" poor people philosophy.  The dollar section at target is my best friend.
no idea who these kids belong to...

bed head

immediately ran to her room to make dresses out of her new play dough

immediately ran to start building is lego creator

That silly bunny also hid 85 (what!?!) eggs around the house for the kids to find.  They were filled with jellybeans (kids candy of choice in our house), so it's not as decadent as it sounds.  They had a blast finding them all.

golden egg with a $2 bill inside!

Finally, Brian took Jeremy to Latin High Mass.  It is a cool mass that follows pre-Vatican II rules. Women have to cover their heads, the altar faces away, and the entire mass is said in Latin.  It is a beautiful service, and Jeremy got to see it for the first time.  Wisely, we agreed I would stay home with Violet as Easter is not the time for an evil spawn to enter the church (too harsh or too true?).  When they got back, I asked him what his favorite part was he and he said "When we got to leave."  Ha ha, I love the honesty of kids.
heehee, tiny Brian

my little princess

We had a lovely Easter week, and we hope everyone else did as well!!