Friday, June 26, 2015

Totus Tuus

The monsters survived Vacation Bible School, and more importantly, Vacation Bible School survived the monsters.

Totus Tuus is the VBS program for St. John Neumann Catholic Church, where we are parishioners.  I wish I could say "where we go to church" but it is just not true.  I got so frustrated at how horrible Vi was in mass that we just quit going.  Bad parenting, I know, but sometimes exhaustion and embarrassment win.

However, Violet recently looked at Brian and I and said "Who is Jesus" and I have never felt like a worse parent.  We promptly signed the kids up for Totus Tuus and took them to mass.  Violet made it through the entire service, but did regale me with winners like "oh, so Jesus is a boy!" (who knew?) and "but he has long hair and wears a dress" (true).  In our defense, the kids know their prayers and pray before meals and bed every day.

Anyway, Totus Tuus "totally yours" is the VBS program we signed them up for.  It is a full day from 9am to 2:30pm and only cost $35 total for the two of them.  I know some are free, but most of those are only a few hours a day.  This was totally worth it.

Luckily, Jeremy is the best kid ever and Violet really wants to be grown up, so they were excited about going.  Look at their first day glow!

Vi was so excited to have her own lunchbox (thanks again, Lily!) and to finally go to "school" like her big brother. They were supposed to wear shorts and tennis shoes each day, so I prepped Violet for this for a week.  We picked out shorts that were skirts on top with shorts built in, so that was ok, but the t-shirt was a struggle at first.  And the lack of glass slippers was concerning.  She survived, though.  Thank you for your concern and prayers during this difficult time for our daughter.

Notice the iron-ons.  I have never done this before.  I am not that mom.  I will not say that I entered into this craft with the best of attitudes, but I think they turned out ok. I did Vi's first, so Jeremy's is way better.  Whatever, it worked.

She had to show us her classroom - and she had to stand on the pink dot
They ended up totally loving the week.  It was really funny though the differences Brian and I discovered in our son and daughter.  Example:

Me: "Jeremy, how was VBS today?"
Jeremy: "Good."
Me: "What did you learn?"
Jeremy: "I don't know."
Me: "Who did you play with?"
Jeremy: "Good."

What?!  Now compare:

Me: "Violet, how was VBS today?"
Vi: "It was good.  I ate snack and lunch and went to church and watched a movie and sang a song and one girl had the same shoes as me, and I saw Jeremy at lunch and at church and I played in the gym and I didn't take a nap..."
Me: "What did you learn?"
Vi: "I learned the Sorrowful Mysteries and about Jesus, who has another name that is the Son of God.  And his mom's name is Mary. And he died on the cross.  And he prayed in the garden in the first Sorrowful Mystery and the Virtue I learned was Obedience *then she starts to sing the Obedience song*"
Me: "Wow."
Vi: "And I made a rosary and you pray with it but you don't wear it as a necklace or play with it.  And Jesus died and it was sad, but then he came back so it was happy again.  And VeggieTales is my favorite show at naptime when I don't sleep but I am the only one with a My Little Pony blanket...(3 hours later she stops talking)"

I love that they are night and day in their personalities.  Apparently, they both had a blast and learned a lot, but Vi is just naturally more loquacious about such things.

On Wednesday, they had a potluck dinner and had the kids sing some of the songs they learned.  My pictures are horrible, but Jeremy was quite the showman and Vi was one of the best in her little pre-K group song.  Her teacher said she definitely has a personality, but she was very good.  :)  I'll take it.
Group shot - Vi in the very front eating and cookie and not participating in the song, and Jeremy on the far left really into his shark moves
my girl right in the middle
We are super glad we sent them.  We now know that Violet is not a terrorist (a legitimate concern of mine sometimes) and that Jeremy is as go-with-the-flow as ever.  And thankfully we also now know that Jesus, despite his long hair and dress, is indeed a boy.  Score.