Thursday, August 20, 2015

Catching Up!

Well, our family once again survived the insanity that is July and August when you work in Housing and Higher Education.  This weekend will be my first weekend off in over a month.  I am beyond excited!

I am massively behind in my posts, so I am going to be posting a bunch of old stuff in no particular order, because I have tons of cute photos and memories that I want to capture of the past few months when I was too busy to create full posts.

In the meantime, here are some recent things we have been up to when I have had the chance to bring the children to work with me on weekends and evenings:

Dinner at Jerry's house (my boss) with the Hall Directors.

Smokies Baseball game with the Hall Directors.

GA Pool Party x2 at Laurel Hall.

GA vs Hall Director Kickball Game at Sequoyah.  Jeremy was on the HD team, and Vi was cheerleader.

Late night "goating" of the campus, where we met the RAs to put fainting goats all over the halls.  Because yeah.

Jeremy accompanied me to Camp Rocky Top and joined the 200 student staff members in some training and swimming at a 4-H Camp for 2 days.  He shared his fear at the fire ceremony (worried about starting 2nd grade) and the RAs all encouraged him and told him he could do it.  :)

RA Lip Sync where Violet decided to take center stage at one point when the stage was clear and did some dance moves to thunderous applause.

Opening Weekend when Vi and I did walks through the halls and took photos of some favorite bulletin boards and stole candy from front desks.

I love my job, even when it is insane, and I am truly blessed that they let me bring my kids around sometimes because these are the days when I leave before they get up and return after they have gone to bed.  I miss them and cherish these memories of them seeing the amazing student leaders and staff members I get to work with on a daily basis.