Friday, December 18, 2015

"Obi Wan has taught you well, young Jeremy"

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, a young boy turned 8 years old and enjoyed a fun-filled Star Wars birthday party.

I drew this myself in one try and was insanely proud.  I need to get out more.

My little man is currently obsessed with Star Wars, and I must admit it was not a hardship to plan a themed party around a nerd topic that I happen to know a lot about.  The problem was that we just moved here less than a month ago, and Jeremy had only been in school for two weeks at the time of his party.  That meant no friends.  He has made friends, but I don't have a class roster, don't know any parents, and basically did not have time to start a new job, move the family to a new state and invite 2nd graders to my house.  Instead, we invited our Memphis family and enjoyed a little of the we-moved-400-miles-closer-to-home perks.

Jeremy specifically asked for three things, and I delivered:
1.  A Darth Vader head cake (I hate store-bought cakes, but he really wanted it):

2. A pin the Vader head on the Death Star game (which I hand drew, thank you very much):

3. A game where you can use a lightsaber to block nerf gun bullets (hilariously dangerous - thanks to Uncle Joey for taking one for the team!):

Usually, I do a scavenger hunt for the kids to find their goodie bags at the end of a party.  Well, we had no kids, so instead, as we were eating cake and ice cream, Jeremy noticed the presents were all missing and became instantly horrified.  It turns out they were stolen and a note was left in their place.  A hilarious scavenger hunt ensued to reveal Daddy at the front door with the missing presents (he obviously beat up the thief who took them and did not steal them himself).  Jeremy loved it, and I appreciate my family running around the house with him as he solved the clues.

He got some great gifts, and Aunt Cheri sent him tickets to the opening night, first showing of the new Star Wars movie!  He chose to go with Dad instead of Mom (I am not cool anymore), but they had an AMAZING time.

Jeremy at 8 years old is definitely a Jeremy that has my heart.  He is hilarious, smart, quick, and kind.  He makes friends easily, smiles all the time, and loves to read.  He is by far my favorite son!

Happy Birthday, Little Man - thanks, as always, for making me a mom.