Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Christmas for the Kiddos

I really am trying to get my blogging back on a normal schedule, but I am still adjusting to what my life looks like these days.  Here we go...

Christmas was absolutely fantastic this year!  When we unpacked our house, we immediately put up our decorations and since they are still up, I have not actually seen our home without them.  I will be sad to see them go since Christmas fun makes the whole house just seem cozier, don't you think?
Vi has to put the star on the tree every year.

They love decorating the tree so much!

Our horrible attempt at gingerbread houses - next year we are just going with flat gingerbread people.

I am loving our current family time since both the kids are very into the magic of Christmas at the moment.  I fear those days are numbered for Jeremy, so I really soaked it in this year.
Christmas Eve night in their new jammies!!

And mommy in her new jammies from her mommy - of course

Santa came!
 Jeremy had his heart set on an iPhone for Christmas.  The first time he told me this, I literally laughed in his face.  I am such a good mom.  But, the magic of Santa is strong and it turns out that a completely free iPhone 4 opportunity presented itself for Mr. Claus thanks to his amazing friends and family up there in the North Pole.  So, it has really strong restrictions on the internet and for apps and is tied to my account and does not actually have a phone number associated with it to make calls, but he now has an iPhone to play various games on, which was his intended purpose anyway.  He also got a ton of Lego and Star Wars merchandise to his never-ending glee.  And, Jeremy being Jeremy, books also factored in big time, and he had his new Wimpy Kid book completed before it even got dark on Christmas day.
Jeremy!  Santa got them both these huge posters (like $3 online) and it made for a big impact.
The excitement was real over that silly phone.

Teenager already.

The Darth Vader phone case was also a hit.

Violet was very non-specific this year about most things.  She wants everything she sees, basically.  The only thing she really honed in on was an Ella (what she calls the live-action Cinderella to differentiate from the cartoon) Funko Pop doll. She is also currently obsessed with Taylor Swift and tea parties.  So, we got the doll, Santa had the brilliant idea for a huge Ella poster for her bedroom, and then a free kid kitchen fell in his North Pole lap much like the phone did for Jeremy.  So great! Brian and I thought a lot about how kids today listen to music, so we re-purposed an old iPod shuffle collecting dust in the house and it was gifted full of Taylor Swift music and some new kid-safe headphones.  Assorted Barbies and games completed her Christmas joy.
She cooks a lot in her kitchen these days.

Ignore her inability to smile - she was floating on cloud 9 all day.

She named her Barbie "Buffy" and had a pool party with Buffy, Elsa, and Funko Pop Ella.

Taylor Swift on the iPod and new headphones for the win!

The kids had such a great time and enjoyed giving gifts this year more than in the past, which was really nice to see.  They picked out some specific presents on their own to give to Daddy, Penelope, and their Aunt Megan.  They were coming up to me all month with new ideas for what we should get certain people, mostly each other, for the holiday.
I make a big breakfast every Christmas and they love it.  We usually eat around 1pm because you simply can't leave presents for something as trivial as food.

I am just so lucky to have such a wonderful family.  I will have a separate post detailing the amazing holiday celebrations we had with grandparents and cousins, but this specific holiday has always been about our immediate family to me.  I want Christmas morning memories for my kids to be specific and cozy.  I want them to remember the stockings, the presents, the jokes, the games, the huge pancake brunch, the mess, and the love.  I want them in their pajamas all day.  I love these moments with my family, and I am so happy to have added another perfect memory to my bank in our new home, which seems to be even more full of love and magic than our last!
Mommy at the end of a great day (No, I did not get dressed, what?)