Friday, April 29, 2016

Calvin and Hobbes

Several years ago, Cheri gave Jeremy a collected version of Calvin and Hobbes comics in a big book.  It sat on his bookshelf for a long time, waiting for him to one day find the interest to peruse its pages.

About a year ago, he took that book off the shelf, and he laughed out loud literally all night long.  He simply could not put it down.  Not all kids "get" Calvin and Hobbes. Especially not all kids today. It is all about imagination, and I worry that we are not letting kids cultivate theirs enough these days.  I was SO happy that Jeremy not only "got" it, but he loved it.

The binding is starting to break, and we lost the book cover ages ago, but it is a very common travel book and Violet has even taken to sneaking it into her room to read at night when Jeremy is not looking.

Recently, though, they have started taking it to a new level. Jeremy often says words that he has only read and therefore does not know how to pronounce.  It is really cute and I love that his vocabulary is so extensive from his reading.  Nine times out of ten, when he tries out a new big word and we help him correctly say it, we find that he learned it from Calvin and/or Hobbes.

And then, one day I came home from work to see the kids in an absolute frenzy of excitement.  Apparently, they made a transmogrifier and wanted to show it to me.

Yes, a transmogrifier.

It transmogrifies things.  Duh.

Jeremy explained he saw it on Calvin and Hobbes and wanted to try it out.

Here is one of the strips on the transmogrification series:

Basically, they turned a cardboard box into a transmogrifier by writing directions on it, then you get inside, turn the dial, and turn into whatever you want.  Like, say, a little boy could become a tiger.  Crazy.

Here is Jeremy's version:

He put a lot of work into this.

Violet wrote an instruction booklet.
 Jeremy turned into a shark, and Violet turned into a kitten.  I was told to take a turn, and I was transmogrified into a cucumber.  Seriously.  It is written on there as an option.  So is "stick", "bug", "lungfish", "weirdo", "toad", etc.  My kids are so strange.

Anyway, this is the type of random kid nonsense that I just love.  They fell in love with a book, immersed themselves in that make-believe world, and found a way to make it come alive through the use of a cardboard box, a marker, and pure imagination.

Side note: Melissa - I  think Anderson would love Calvin and Hobbes if he is not already reading them - try it out!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Fun with Mommy (mine, not me)

I just have so many mom moments in my life now that we live closer that I feel like my cup literally runneth over.

Over spring break, and my birthday week, I took Friday off to go with the kids (saving Brian from another day at home with them both) and hang out in Memphis with mom for the whole day!

It was so much fun to know that I can drive up, spend hours upon hours with her, and drive back home that night like it is nothing.  Just totally normal to spend the day with my mom.  Ugh.  You have no idea if you have never lived 400 miles from your loved ones for 16 years what this type of freedom means.  I still feel like I have to hoard my family time like it will be taken away again.

Mom took me to get my annual haircut (I suck at self-care, let's be honest), and we let Violet get some pink streaks (temporary).  I am a bit concerned at how much she loved it, but I can also admit they looked great on her.

Then we went shopping and tried on a million dresses together.  Dani took photos of mine (because Cher Horowitz is totally right), but Mom had some amazing ones as well.  Shout-out to Jeremy who is so incredibly good-natured that he helped us pick out dresses and did not even complain.  I hit the jackpot with that kid.  Violet, on the other hand...

 I just love having girls days with my mom.

Later that weekend, my brother got two free box tickets to The Book of Mormon playing at The Orpheum and gave them to us.  Once again, holla for the ability to drive up on a Sunday night, attend a show, and get home with no problem sleeping to get to work on Monday.  I still can't even process how lucky I am.

And how hilarious is that show?!  So inappropriate, so funny, such a talented cast.  Mom and I were in stitches the whole time.  Other than that teensy little moment when I totally tumbled down the grand staircase in front of hundreds of people in the lobby (face palm), we had a blast!

This past weekend, our family headed to Memphis for my cousin's wedding (he married one of my old RAs from UT - crazy!), and we hooked up with Mom, Joey, Megan, and Dani.  It was a beautiful wedding, but not many people were hitting the dance floor.  Mom decided that just could not stand, so she grabbed me and Dani and the three of us did what we do best.  Made total fools of ourselves without a care in the world.  We danced, and danced, and danced.  My mom is so fun.  That dance floor was full of happy people thanks to us.  We do what we can.

Even when I was younger and in high school, people were surprised at the way I talk about my mom.  She really is one of my best friends in the whole world.  She is kind, sweet, creative, nuts, and FUN.  I could not ask for a better one, and I am SO grateful I am able to be so close to spend all this bonus time with her.  LOVE!