Monday, February 13, 2017

Hopper Happenings

We have had some pretty fun adventures and projects the last few weeks.  I still can't exert a ton of energy all at once, but I am getting stronger and stronger.  Here are some of the things we have been up to since Brian and I got back and tried to return our little family to some sense of normalcy (but what does that even really mean?):

First up, I got their school pictures!  No one from our revolving kid care group could remember seeing the proofs, so Cheri just ordered them blind at the end of last year.  They are hilarious.

Violet had her first school friend come over for a play date.  Honey is her best friend at school and we actually invited her for a slumber party, but she was a little scared of leaving her mom.  So adorable.  The girls had a great time together and Violet felt special after watching Jeremy bring home friends from school for so many years now.  Cute girls!

Mommy and Daddy's bed has for some reason become the place to be.  Perhaps it has something to do with the lovely new bedding mom got me for Christmas.  Anyway, the kids are in my bed all the time reading  and using the iPad.  They also like to play games, like War below, and Guess Who in there.  So silly.

Violet was named Star Artist at school for her robot picture.  I have not actually seen that piece since it is hanging up at school, but here is a different work of hers, showcasing her dream of being an artist.

Jeremy went to a friend's birthday party at the Ole Miss pool.  He was the only boy that came even though the whole class was invited - weird.  Brian said he had a blast and the girls were delighted to see and play with him.  They brought out the hamster ball and he loved it!

Violet had her second Princess Ball and her daddy took her on an excellent date to go dancing and eat Chik-fil-A at the ball.  She loves getting her hair curled, putting on makeup, and wearing her princess dresses out of the house.  Very cute.  I am glad things like this exist.

My mom has come to stay with us several times because she is wonderful.  We took Violet and saw La La Land at the movies and then did some shopping for clothes since I have lost some weight.  It was really cute.  I wish mom came every weekend!

I am just so delighted to be home with my family that sitting and just staring at the kids while they play makes me happy.  Ugh, so happy to be home!!


  1. Awww Violet's first sleepover buddy. And her name is Honey! is so cute I can't handle it. They are just the best. Thanks for the updates, Jeannie. I am thrilled to hear about the progress and about ordinary life with you Hoppers!

  2. I'm so glad life is getting back to normal for you guys! I love Jeremy and Violet's school pics. This will sound weird, but they smile really well. Jude looks like he's paralyzed in his. :/