Wednesday, February 15, 2017

I Heart Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day was yesterday, and it was a lovely day!  I pretty much adore all holidays, and I seem to have passed that gene down to my daughter.  I love seeing how excited she gets.  Jeremy is as well, but he is not as interested in the details or the extras like his sister.

We made class and work valentines last weekend.  I love the classic cardboard notes that come 30 for $1 and include stickers and tattoos galore.  I know they are cheesy and not Pinterest Mom approved, but I love them, probably for that very reason.  We always attach an extra treat, and this year it was conversation candy hearts for the kids and blow pops for my work people.  Vi had Trolls, Jeremy Star Wars, and I went with Scooby Doo!

What my desk looked like at the end of the workday.  I love my staff.
We also encouraged the kids to do a service project, so they chose to make a "Love Pack" of food items to give to the donation site on campus.  It was sweet - Jeremy shopped for the items, and Violet made a Valentine that she decorated painstakingly for the box.

The night before, I made our traditional heart cakes.  I almost forgot about them completely, but the kids love them and their excitement reminded me, which also made me happy even though I stayed up to midnight making the silly things.  They turned out good though.  I even managed to eat two small bites - yummy!

My contribution was cakes and cardboard cards, but my lovely husband outdid me by a mile and got real gifts.  A rubix cube for Jeremy, a sock monkey for Violet, and a travel cup and two new books for me!!  Local authors writing mysteries set in this area - so fun!  Thanks, Brian!

We also went out to see the Agatha Christie play, Murder on the Nile, that was showing at the Ford Center for the Performing Arts on campus.  It was super cute and funny with very talented cast members.  I enjoyed getting dressed up and going out.  It feels like ages since we did that.  I was uncomfortable and a bit yucky by the end (that damn tube is simply not comfortable stuffed under a fancy dress), but I still had a great time with my hubs.  Thanks to Jenn for babysitting the monsters!

More than ever, this year I want all my family to know how much I love them.  I could not walk through this life without their love, support, and humor.  I know every single day how blessed and lucky I am to have the people I do in my life.  My mom, my siblings, my children, and my amazing husband.  I am humbled by all you give me every day of my life to keep me afloat.  I love you.  More than you will probably ever know.  Thank you.

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