Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Jeremy Turned 9! (Back in December...)

I am so awful, but better late than never!  Back in December right in the middle of my daily radiation treatments in Houston, my oldest child got even older.  My baby boy somehow turned 9 years old!  It hurt my heart so much not to be there with him, but Aunt Cheri happened to be on kid duty that week and she made sure he had a wonderful day and party!

On his actual birthday, Cheri made him treats for his class and took him to get frozen yogurt after school.

She also planned his birthday party at the Oxford Bowling Alley and Arcade.  She made the invitations, RSVP-ed with the parents, reserved the space, bought the presents, and made the cake.  I feel so bad for missing this time with him, but I cannot imagine anyone doing a better job that my amazing big sister.

They had a blast at the bowling alley with friends and family celebrating our crazy little man!

Jeremy will always be my first born - the baby I dreamed about and toddler who stole my heart.  I lost more sleep over him than I ever have for Violet, and I am still so proud of all he has accomplished.  He is a big 3rd grader and his interests lie in being a train engineer or a crash test engineer.  He loves to build things and has an eye for details - when he wants to (so, not so much when it comes to tedious school work, for example).  We recently signed him up for a week-long inventor summer camp and he is over the moon excited.  Where I would have wanted to attend dance camp or play a sport, Jeremy wants to go to inventor camp and build a homemade alarm clock.  He reads voraciously, has the absolute best sense of humor, and can bring me to my knees with those huge blue eyes.  He is getting more independent each day, but he still sleeps with his Mrs. Moo wrapped in his arms.  He loves video games, the apps on his phone, and you tube - but, he only gets to do those things on weekends.  He is patient and kind to his sister, and his teacher tells us he is never without a friend at his side and is universally liked in class.  He still meets with a counselor once a week to talk through his mommy's cancer, and he struggles with paying attention in class and in general not caring about his school work.  He is honest, determined, creative, and funny.  He has way too much hair and never unbuttons his pants since he is so skinny with no hips.  He is super hyper and never stops moving.  I cannot believe how huge his feet are.  He still floods the bathroom when he takes a shower, and he has an insatiable sweet tooth.  He is the best and he is mine and I love him to pieces.  Happy Birthday a little late, my man.  I love you and promise to never miss a birthday again if I can help it.
I love this picture that was texted to me while I was in Houston.  He is hugging a new toy he got from a friend, but you can see Mrs. Moo peeking out from under his head.  He has the sweetest smile.  Snug as a bug in a rug.


  1. He is certainly a wonderful little man! Happy 9th Birthday Jeremy!

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