Saturday, April 29, 2017

Easter Fun

Pretend for a moment with me that it has not been over a month since I updated this blog, mkay?

I love Easter.  It is a beautiful holiday and has always had positive memories for me.  I have tried to create the same for my kids.  This year, Brian took Jeremy fishing on Holy Saturday while Violet and I baked a bunny cake, made deviled eggs, and cleaned fruit for the party the next day.  Check out Jeremy's fish and the cake Violet helped make!

The bunny came that night and left some candy and two summer outfits for each kid.  He was even nice enough to leave both me and Brian a chocolate bunny and a treat.  He was given a few carrots for his trouble.  

The kids were delighted with their treats!  I have no doubt that one day they will realize what other kids are given for Easter and think I horribly abused them, but right now I am happy they don't see this as a holiday about toys or presents.  It is about the hunt and the fun and the family and yes, the sugar high. 

Our little family tradition includes the bunny hiding their eggs in the yard overnight for a quick little hunt first thing in the morning.  They are just full of jellybeans and candy with a golden egg for each with $5.  They love it.

Ok, fine, this little angel was not actually at our family egg hunt, but I can pretend, right?
After our little family fun, we headed to Memphis to spend time with extended family.  This year, my Aunt Lynn and Uncle Mike hosted everyone at their home and we had a great time with a big egg hunt, tons of food, and beautifully fantastic family.  I managed to get one family photo before Violet and Jeremy got covered in water from the fountain and dirt from the hunt. Aren't we cute?  

SO many thanks to Lynn and Mike for hosting a wonderful Easter.  I am so happy I got to spend a great holiday with my family.