Friday, May 19, 2017

A Day for Mom!

We had a very beautiful Mother's Day in Oxford and Memphis!  The weather was fantastic, and my kiddos were SO excited this year.  They kept giving me hints about my gift and being all hyper leading up to the weekend.  It was really precious.

Saturday, we attended our last Ole Miss baseball game of the year.  My amazing family got me season tickets this year, so we have been to a ton of games - but this was the last home-stand.  Ole Miss won, there were fireworks, Jeremy caught a t-shirt, and we had a great time!  I have to admit my favorite part was when my 5 year old daughter was scoring balls and strikes in my book and started yelling at the umpire when she felt he made a bad call. I feel as though my parenting work is officially done.

Sunday morning, I woke up early as I do, but i had to stay in bed because the kids have been telling me for weeks that I am supposed to get to "sleep forever" on Mother's Day.  When Violet finally joined me at around 7am, she was so upset with me.  "Mom, you need to sleep more!"

Turns out my awesome gift they had been hiding from me was the 2nd Harry Potter book in the new, gorgeous, illustrated version.  They gave me the 1st one for my birthday in March and we had just finished reading it as a family about a week before.  They were beyond excited to get started on the 2nd one.  Jeremy has read it before, but it is all new for Vi.  I love so much that they love Harry Potter.  I have kept all the movies and spoilers and everything away from them in the hopes they would love it, and so far it has worked!

I also got a metric tonne of handmade crafts from the kids.  They were so proud.  I am running out of space in my office and the house for displaying this stuff, but I try to keep the special ones.

Violet then did my nails.  For real.  We were getting ready for brunch (she insisted on wearing her flower girl dress) and she demanded we do our nails together.

We headed to Memphis to have brunch with my mom, my grandmother, and various aunts, uncles, and cousins.  It was beautiful, yummy, and expensive.

My mom is the real Wonder Woman, so I got her a plush doll and the promise of a mother-daughter day of fun to see the movie and have a meal in a few weeks.  This was her 50th birthday.  I love her.

Joey and Megan joined us for an afternoon at Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 2 and then Japanese takeout for dinner.  Yummy and fun!

I feel as though TRUE Mother's Day began on the drive home, though.  We just passed into Mississippi on i-55 when Violet started breathing heavily saying her stomach hurt.  I will spare you the details, but here is a summary.  An hour and a half later, we got back on the road and headed home.  Violet was naked and wearing Brian's dress shirt, all the windows were down to keep the smell at bay, the kids were sitting on wads of toilet paper to keep their legs from sticking to the seats, Vi and I got to ride in a security guard golf cart, rest stops that only have air dryers and no paper towels should be outlawed, toilet paper dissolves in vomit, and projectile vomit x 3 in your car has the ability to get into every single nook and cranny and can indeed make it from the backseat to the front windshield.  In case you were wondering.

And my precious baby girl was so brave.  She never cried, tried to catch the vomit in her hands, and told me she would clean it all up herself since it was Mother's Day.  She kept telling me it was all OK.

So, like true motherhood, my special day was full of the highest of highs and the messiest of messes and the loveliest of loves.  Wouldn't change a thing.  Except my car still smells.