Tuesday, July 4, 2017

4th of July with the Hoppers!

I have always loved the 4th of July.  It is a holiday I look forward to thanks to a lifetime of happy memories.  My parents always made it fun, and with my mom's ability to pull a game out of any hat and my dad's fierce patriotism, how could it not be a day to remember?  Cookouts, watermelon, volleyball games, croquet, fruit kabobs, tons of family, and heat stroke - what's not to love?

As a parent myself now, I am delighted that Brian and I have been able to replicate that fun for our kids.  The two sides of our family are very different, but both are able to bring the fun in their own way.  This year, we traveled to Nashville to stay with Brian's mom, and the kids were SO thrilled to have a few days with their cousins.  We are now up to 8 total grandkids (6 boys and 2 girls) and there could certainly still be more to come (not from us - haha!).  Jeremy and Violet LOVE spending time with their cousins, and it makes me so happy to see.

Little Magdalena (Maggie) was born on December 22, so this was only our second time meeting her.  As she and Violet are the only girls, they are natural besties.  :)

It rained much of the day, but I managed to get in a few little games with the kids when their parents weren't looking (they were headed to church after so I was not supposed to help them get dirty - oops).  Here they are enjoying a good ole fashioned sponge race.  The littles beat the bigs!  Perfect example of cocky older kids letting down their guard.  

That evening, we headed over to see Rob, Jennie, Jude, and Levi's new house (so beautiful), and the kids were able to play with snappers, sparklers, and some low-key fireworks.

The next day, we went over to visit Graham, Katherine, Philip, Pete, Tommy, and Maggie at their house to take advantage of their swimming pool (and who knew Violet harbored a secret talent for weight lifting?).  I even got in the pool - I am just so happy to be free of that damn feeding tube, I am jumping at any and every opportunity to have formerly forbidden fun.  

It has been a rough year for Nana after Granddaddy passed in December and she broke her ankle and had to have surgery (twice!) to correct it.  But, she is doing so great!  We had a lovely time celebrating family and the freedoms this country has given to us with our favorite Hopper matriarch! Happy Independence Day!!